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Dorchester Woman Who Lied About Dead Sister’s Funeral To Raise Money Now Wants More Handouts From Mommy Facebook Group Due To Losing Nonexistent Job And Benefits To COVID


This is Briana Case Kane, currently from Dorchester.

Dog filter bathroom selfies. You know what that means.

Briana is part of a Facebook group called Moms Helping Moms Massachusetts, which is basically a breeding ground for guttermuppets around Christmas to share their sad stories and use guilt to scam other mothers out of their hard earned money. Briana’s story was that she had just lost her apartment “including everything I have” (hate when that happens) for unexplained reasons, and “little mans” (fatherless child) money is tight. Because of course she’s relying on her child’s income to pay the bills. She wants you to donate your kid’s toys to her kid, which is code for “give me money.”

If you’ve ever referred to your son as “little mans,” then the guy who knocked you up almost definitely was wearing a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat while doing so.


She immediately was offered help of course.

The thing about these groups is that they’re called “Moms helping Moms,” because you’re supposed to occasionally help others out, not just use other people for free stuff. But the Boner Benefits Badger seems to ALWAYS be in need of help. In May she “couldn’t work due to COVID” and unemployment “wasn’t working with me right now,” which if true meant “I refuse to work and after collecting for a whole year they finally stopped giving me money I’m not entitled to.” Her baby sister also just died and she has to go to the funeral.

Except her only sister Darah Case-Kane died in 2017, the funeral was four years ago, and she was buried in nearby Framingham, not somewhere she had to fly to. Using your long deceased sister’s tragic death to profit off of the kindness of strangers would definitely seem to be a red flag.

In February the BBB needed money for “essentials” because she just had emergency surgery with the possibility of more surgery to come. No details about what that surgery was, but she lost her job because of it. In November of last year she wasn’t able to work due to COVID, and needed people to buy a teddy bear for “little mans” because she lost his.

In September of 2020 BBB was a single Mom who ran out of furniture, wipes, and diapers due to COVID (I hate when COVID steals my couch), and needed strangers to pay for new clothes for him so he didn’t freeze to death in her Mattapan apartment because she didn’t foresee him growing out of his existing clothes.

In August of 2020 she mentioned an unnamed “very close teen mom friend” who was about to give birth and forgot to get bottle, diapers, and wipes that human beings need to survive once they are fired out of the baby cannon. BBB had already gotten her very real friend ‘big big items” but needed strangers to donate the rest. Oh, and in July her little mans found out he was only allergic to certain brands of diapers and wanted some Huggies until she got some more money.

In April of 2020 she was in a shelter and needed clothes, a stroller, and a bouncy set for the newborn little mans, because the shelter she was living in for free was only giving her a crib, along with free room and board.

In December of 2019 she couldn’t use the “out of work due to COVID excuse” (which has been cash money for ratchets everywhere), so she once again started raising funds for an unnamed friend who just died and left behind a 10 month old baby, who could only survive if her dead mother’s homeless friend raised money from strangers on Facebook.

Translation – she got an email about a person she doesn’t know dying and used the tragedy to try to solicit donations for herself so she could fuel her habits, instead of donating.

Oh, and in 2018 she also started a GoFundMe titled “help me out please” and “help me out organized,” which contained nothing but a stock photo of a car crash that clearly did not involve her.

One person told other mothers to be careful about who they donate their money to, which upset Boner Benefits Badger.

The ol’ “I removed myself from an abusive relationship” play. That brings in the donos from other women more than anything. And if you question where any of this money is going you can go ahead and shut up forever.

It amazes me that people still fall for stuff like this. You know that none of this is true simply because she’s the kind of person who would lie about her dead sister’s funeral in order to get people to donate to her. But some people just like to feel good about themselves I guess, even if they’re fueling a junkie’s drug habits.


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