Driver Intentionally Plows Into Street Biker At Dorchester McDonald’s Leading To All Out Brawl In Traffic


Yesterday at the Granite Street Street McDonald’s in Dorchester a guy driving a Honda intentionally drove into a street biker, plowing him into a fence, before an all out brawl ensued.

Thank God they were all vaccinated though. Someone could’ve gotten hurt!

I don’t know what happened before this, but I’m Team Honda all day on this one. These bikers are a plague, and whatever transpired before this was likely entirely their fault. They think they own the roads, and it was only a matter of time until someone reminded them that they didn’t. I don’t know what DJ Road Kill did to deserve that, but he was specifically targeted by the driver.

For some reason there was a spare boulder lying around, so Saggy Pants Armstrong decided to throw it at the driver’s window. Unfortunately it just bounced right back at him.



Meanwhile the passenger’s side was breached and they were able to unlock the doors.

At that point the driver had 3 options:

  1. Remain in the driver’s seat and get pulled out and pummeled.
  2. Get out and fight them all.
  3. Get out, act tough, and then run.

He wisely chose #3.



While he was fleeing the passenger was left to fend for himself and did a decent job keeping the biker boys at bay.


Then, for some unknown reason, the bikers allowed the driver to go back into his vehicle to retrieve something to hit them with. He emerged with great confidence.

But sadly for him he weighs 140 pounds and wears skinny jeans, so he wasn’t about that life.

Miraculously though he wound up getting one of them on the ground in the middle of a busy Dorchester Street and got a couple licks in.

That was the weakest biker gang I’ve ever seen. There were dozens of them but only 2-3 came to the aid of their comrade after he got intentionally plowed into a fence. There was no reason for that driver to make it out alive. But not only did he do that, he actually held his own. Meanwhile, if there’s ever been a picture to sum up Michelle Wu’s Boston, this would be it.



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