Drunken Uxbridge Woman Follows Man Home In Her Car, Rear Ends Truck In Driveway, Assaults Driver In Attempt To Steal His Phone


An Uxbridge man had an interesting encounter with a tooth deficient Newport monster yesterday after she followed him home, rammed into his truck in his driveway, and then got out of her car and attempted to steal his phone because he was recording her. Watch:

Who wore it better?

That Uxbridge Spartans sweatshirt suggests that unless she’s just a superfan of high school athletics then she is likely someone’s Mom. God help them.

So this lady was obviously quite drunk, and I’m sure it wasn’t the first time she’s gotten blackout plastered during the middle of the day and followed a guy home to rear end him in his own driveway. Her face looks like a used ashtray and losing keno tickets.

Metoothelah couldn’t even stand up straight when she got out of the car. She fell several steps backwards, caught her balance, did an Irish jig, and then charged at him in a crooked line because she couldn’t walk straight forward if she tried.

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Thank God she had her mask though. Someone could’ve gotten hurt.

Her responses were so grizzled it hurt:

Driver: “You realize I have a video of you smashing the rear of my truck?”

Metoothelah: “You know what? I don’t give a shit.”

Does this look like the face of a woman who cares about being publicly shamed for a drunken mid-day bender?

Trust me, she’s seen and done much, much worse.

Driver:  “I literally have a video of you smashing the rear of my truck. It’s still recording. What are you doing?”

Metoothelah: “I am f***ing with you the way you f*** with everyone else.”

Driver: “What are you doing? I didn’t f*** with anybody.”

Metoothelah: “Yes you did.”

Driver: “You came into my driveway and you rear ended me in my own truck. You f***ed your car up.”

Metoothelah: “You realize that you annoy everybody that is around you.”

Driver: “Really?”

Metoothelah: “Your family is.” 

This was the point where you know she just had nothing and wasn’t going to bother trying to make sense or explain her behavior. Instead she bear hugged him, tried in vain to take his phone away, and finally got back in her dented bumper Chevy and drove away feeling zero shame.

According to the OP it all began at Cumby’s and she couldn’t get over the fact that the passenger moved something on a shelf.

Normal reaction to that.

On the Uniquely Uxbridge Facebook group the consensus was that the OP or someone else should send this video to TB to Id her. Everyone agreed except for one guy, who of course was named Shane.

This guy.

Nuff said.

“Y’all are gross for trying to make her ridiculed.”

Oh go suck a fat baby’s nut, Shane. You’re a white guy from Massachusetts. Stop saying “y’all” in an attempt to sound woke. It’s cringe. And I assure you that the people who are rightfully disgusted by her behavior are not the gross ones here. She deserves to be ridiculed because her behavior is abhorrent. Defending horrible people doesn’t make you a good person.

I’m pretty sure I’ve gone at it with this guy before because he’s blocked me and appears to be a cop hating SJW Bolshevik. Turns out he was featured in a blog in 2014!

And it’s no wonder he doesn’t like TB, since he feels the need to defend drunken skagbeasts who follow people to their homes and smash their trucks in their own driveways. We better not “punch down” on someone who behaves like this. That would be bad!

He’s right about one thing though – TB is not known for his compassionate approach towards people who behave like this. I am, however, very compassionate towards innocent people who are victimized by people like this.

Not Shane though. He’s pretending like she’s not drunk, making up excuses for her behavior, and acting like she isn’t a menace to society who needs to be exposed. If you believe people like that don’t need to be publicly shamed then feel free to go hang out with Shane and subscribe to the Huffington Post. If you know who this woman is and think she should be named and shamed then feel free to send me a DM at Clarence Woods Emerson or email [email protected]


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