Dudley Elementary School Teacher Says She’d Do Nothing To Protect Students From A School Shooter As Reason For Not Returning To School


As most of you know, I used to teach in the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District before being paid by the school district to leave, not sue them, and launch Turtleboy from a hobby into a business. They’re one of the few districts in the state where a small majority of parents are conservative, and thus many want to return to school because keeping schools closed has become a political issue. Yesterday they announced that they’d be doing hybrid learning, which upset Julie Pendelton Winans, a music teacher at Mason Road Elementary and Dudley Elementary School in Dudley.

Julie is one of those “only when it’s safe” teachers who doesn’t want to go back to work despite not being in any danger of dying from COVID. Yesterday she posted this on Facebook.

The woman who says she would step in front of a bullet to save your kid is refusing to go to work and teach your kid music because she’s afraid that she might catch a virus that has a 99.98% recovery rate for people in her demographic. Teachers like this have built themselves up into being brave soldiers invading Iwo Jima on Facebook, but in reality they’re not willing to take the slightest chance that they may catch COVID, despite the fact that it’s not a deadly virus for people her age and body type.

She then updated her post and said that she didn’t sign up for this when she become a teacher.

Unlike everyone else who has gone back to work and chose their job based on the assumption that a virus would come around that almost exclusively preys on the elderly. She only became a teacher because she wanted to “sing, dance, and play instruments.” When you take a job there are never obstacles thrown at you that you must adjust to. Ever. It’s up to parents to make adjustments by quitting their jobs and teaching their kids at home because the music teacher is scared of a virus.

Other teachers of course agreed.

“I think this needs to be said louder for the idiots in the back.”

Kristin Griffiths is a former coworker of mine and I’m honestly not surprised to hear her say something as arrogant and condescending as that. Anyone who agrees with the American Pediatrics Association that schools are safe and should be reopened is an “idiot” and you need to say it louder because stupid people only process things when they’re loud.

What teachers like this have shown us by refusing to educate our kids because they feel “unsafe” is that if a shooter ever came to the school they’d throw your child front of them and hide under their desk. They pretend to want to get back in the classroom by saying, “I really miss my kids,” but they only care about themselves. A technology teacher from Mason Road Elementary named Beth Simoncini came out and said what they really mean.

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“I pick mine over yours every single day of the week and twice on Sundays.”

When I taught at Shepherd Hill I got suspended without pay for 3 days because I wrote a blog post on AidanFromWorcester.com where I opined that the anti-bullying curriculum trains kids to become victims, because this went against the district’s policy on bullying. I was told the blog could make kids feel unsafe about approaching me if they were bullied. Read all about it in my book.

I wonder what the district’s policy is on teachers openly saying that they’d do nothing to protect your kids in the event of a school shooting. I wonder if it makes them feel safe to be in a room with a teacher (who ironically teachers technology and hasn’t learned to create a burner account) who would do nothing to protect them from a gunman.

But at least she’s honest. She prioritizes herself over the kids. She doesn’t pretend to be brave or care about the fact that they’re not getting an education. She’s afraid of a virus so they’ll have to get an education on their own, which is exactly what remote learning is.

Teachers I talk to every day are embarrassed by teachers like this and say they want to go back as soon as possible. They know that if they that publicly they’d be accused of trying to kill kids, so they self-censor like I used to when I was teaching. They know that remote learning isn’t an education, and they’ve looked at the data which shows them that kids and faculty are much more likely to be killed by the flu than they are by COVID. But we don’t shut down schools for the flu and we shouldn’t shut down for this. Get back to work like everyone else.


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