Duxbury Superintendent Supports Principals For Showing Anti-Police Propaganda To Students Because It’s On TV Already And Will Inspire Students To Protest


We have an update on the story published earlier about Duxbury Middle School principal Sarah McGuire forcing students to watch a propaganda video glorifying BLM protesters including Colin Kaepernick, for kneeling during the National Anthem.

Superintendent John Antonucci has responded to an email from the concerned parent (who is also running for State rep in town) in which he explains that he fully supports this principal’s decision.

They’re feeding kids anti-police propaganda from a domestic terrorist because it’s “widely broadcast on television.” He actually said that. If it’s on TV then it’s OK for the Duxbury Public Schools to force your kids to watch it.

“To shield our students from a topic that is so pervasive in our country would be irresponsible.”

What’s irresponsible is presenting BLM as something that isn’t divisive and should be widely accepted by all. What’s irresponsible is only showing one side of the issue. What’s irresponsible is teaching kids a lie that they live in a racist country filled with racist police officers. What’s irresponsible is to tell them that if they don’t support BLM then they don’t support black lives.

“We will continue to address topics that may make some people uncomfortable.”

Cool. When will the kids be shown the uncomfortable police report showing Jacob Blake digitally raping his children’s mother, then smelling his fingers and saying, “smells like you’ve been with other men?” When will the uncomfortable conversation come up about the fact that almost everyone who is shot or killed by police could’ve avoided their fate if they listened to the police and obeyed the law? When will the uncomfortable topic be broached about the criminal justice system that allowed the murderers of Ron Tarentino, Michael Chesna, and Sean Gannon to remain free despite lengthy criminal records? When will you be talking about the uncomfortable murder of David Dorn at the hands of BLM protesters? When will you point out that Colin Kaepernick has never voted before? When will you discuss the data that shows that these protesters are protesting an injustice (racist cops hunting down black people for no reason) that simply doesn’t exist?

“Meant to be inspiring and motivating.”

Does these things look inspiring and motivating?


What are the Duxbury Public Schools inspiring and motivating kids to do? Burn down black owned businesses, assault cops, murder people, and disrespect their country? This is what the DPS is teaching their students? Did he not get the memo that BLM is no longer widely popular like it was three months ago?

We cannot allow black lives matter to become mainstreamed in our public institutions. You can’t give these people small victories in the culture war because they never give it back. You gave them transgender bathrooms and then they wanted drag queen story hour. You gave them confederate statues and then they demanded Thomas Jefferson and Ulysses Grant. You gave them colleges, the media, social media, and Hollywood because you could just ignore those things. But now they want your children to be brainwashed into believing that you are a bad person if you don’t support BLM. Don’t let it happen. Email the superintendent and School Committee that hired him to let them know that you support police and don’t think it’s appropriate for kids to be brainwashed into distrusting them.

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