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East Boston Man Uses Facebook To Threaten To Kill MS-13 Gang Members Before Committing Suicide By Cop, Then Takes Down Post


Peter Wild is an East Boston resident who made headlines in November when he posted a video on Facebook of several mice running around a local Dunkin Donuts when it was closed, which led to media coverage and the eventual shutting down of the franchise.

This apparently went to his head, because last night at 4 AM he decided go full vigilante and post on Facebook about how he was going to “take out” MS-13 gang members before selflessly dying via suicide by cop.

One woman did attempt to talk some sense into him, but he made it clear that he was going to be the hero no one asked for on his way out.

“James Earl Ray day.” Renaming MLK day after the guy who killed him seems like a stable thing to do.


I have no idea if he’s serious or not, but when you post stuff like that on Facebook, whether or not you’re just looking for attention, people should take it seriously. He posted this at 4 AM and the few people who were awake attempted to talk some sense into him, but his hero complex got in the way. Shout out to Rachael for handling that about as well as a person could handle it.

Peter has since taken down the post and the thread, probably because his bootleg Batman manifesto didn’t get him the acclaim that he was hoping for. This guy definitely has a little Landon Steele complex going on, constantly bragging about all the great things he’s done, pretending to be personal friends with the Mayor and the Police Commissioner, and virtue signaling with his American flag.

Part of me feels bad for him because the guy might have some screws loose.

But I don’t really know him, and he could be doing this all for attention. Either way, people who post stuff like this should be brought to the attention of the police and let them determine if he’s an actual threat. We all agree MS-13 is bad, but we don’t need attention seeking vigilantes from East Boston to start killing people they randomly believes are in the Mexican gang. Because there really aren’t that many Mexicans in Boston, and the last thing we need is some guy in blackface starting a race war by killing Puerto Ricans.


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