East Longmeadow Public Health Director Who Shut Down Family Owned Driving Range Gave 5 Star Review To Virginia Restaurant For Discriminating Against Sarah Sanders


Aimee Petrosky made headlines yesterday after the East Longmeadow Board of Health gestapo director issued a cease and desist and fines against Fenway Golf because the 80 year old family owned business allowed people to use their driving range despite adhering to social distancing guidelines.

However, it appears as if Aimee Petrosky is a bit of a partisan hack and a massive hypocrite based on her post two years ago, in which she gave a 5 star review to the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia because they kicked out Sarah Huckabee Sanders for doing her job working as President Trump’s Press Secretary.

Aimee Petrosky claimed that she wanted to work with businesses in East Longmeadow because “this is their livelihood, this is how they feed their families.”

But it appears as if the only way for a business to gain the support of Ms. Petrosky in East Longmeadow is to discriminate against people based on their political affiliation. Perhaps if Fenway Golf had kicked out Trump supporters they would have received a five star review from the Health Department, instead of a fine and a cease and desist.

People like Aimee Petrosky are drunk on power. There is no reason the driving range cannot be open, especially since two towns over in Monson a driving range is open for business. This is something she is choosing to do, and she has no legal grounds to do so. She could easily allow them to keep open their biggest source of revenue, since they aren’t breaking any laws or violating any “orders,” but instead she is choosing to attack and threaten them.

Shame on the town of East Longmeadow for allowing this to happen, shame on the Board of Selectmen for not holding this tyrant responsible, and shame on all the Karens out there who fuel this anti-science, anti-data hysteria that is destroying the lives and millions of people across this country.


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