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Easthampton City Councilor Cowers To Online Mob’s Faux Racist Outrage Over Thin Blue And Red Line Flag He Had Made For First Responders


In one of the more pathetic displays of giving into mob mentality, Easthampton City Councilor Owen Zaret is apologizing for presenting a flag honoring police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Just a reminder that the blue lives matter flag (which this is not) exists to honor police officers who were killed in the line of duty. In Massachusetts last year four police officers were shot over a period of 3 months, and two of them died. Two years before that Auburn police officer Ron Tarentino was killed by a lifetime criminal who should’ve been in jail. Across the country more and more cops are being shot simply because they are cops. Black lives do in fact matter, but so do blue lives. And as long as cops are targeted for being cops, then this flag is more than appropriate to humanize them and remind people of their sacrifices. Sean Gannon and Michael Chesna aren’t alive today because they wore blue. If they were accountants they’d both still be with their families.

The artist who made the flag went on Councilor Zaret’s Facebook page to defend his allegedly racist art.

The fact that you have to explain that a flag honoring murdered cops and firefighters isn’t white supremacy is everything that is wrong with the world today.

Just for the record, nobody complained when the EPD honored the LGBT community during Pride month by doing this.

Sure, a couple malcontents might be offended by the rainbow flag, but the beauty of America is that we don’t have to pay attention to people who choose to be offended by everything. Unless of course the people doing so are pretending to be outraged over perceived racism. Then everyone has to cater to their ridiculous delusions.

Let’s look at some of the reasons people were upset.

Yea, where would people get the idea that black lives matter is an anti-police organization? Maybe it’s their chants like “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon?”

Or the fact that they routinely attack and smear police officers who use their service weapons to defend themselves and the community from imminent threats.

And who care if blue lives matter is a response to black lives matter? What’s wrong with saying, “My life matters too?” On what planet is that racist?

You saw a lot of “imagine being someone of color” whitesplaining as well.

Newsflash – if you think that all black people think alike simply because they’re black, then it might be you who’s the racist.

She seems lovely.

Other SJWs were spouting the same nonsensical talking points.

This is what an actual racist looks like.

White women like Lori Shine who believe that black people are so weak minded that they need white women like her to protect them from the sig of a flag honoring sacrifices of the police. If your relationship with black people is this patriarchal and based off of generalizations, then you are in fact a racist.

The best part is that she said that it would (not could) offend a black person being detained for a crime. Because the feelings of detained criminals should come before a symbol that shows homage to murdered cops.

Then there was this Ben Abbott.

He was giving the City Councilor grief for “unintentionally supporting white supremacy.”

Meanwhile, he chose to live in Easthampton, which has almost no diversity. Chicopee, Springfield, and Holyoke are right there, but he chose the town without black and brown people to call home. Perhaps it’s Ben Abbott who’s the real racist.

Lucien Baskin had strong feelings as well.

He thinks holding a sign that says “black lives matter” will make people believe that he actually cares about black people, even though he chose to live in the white town that’s separated from the city with minorities by a mountain. Because walls might be racist, but mountains aren’t.  Lucien here found the gift to be “disturbingly” like the blue lives matter flag.

Not sure who Lucien hates more – black people or the cops.

Then there was Eric Poulin.

If soy had a face.

Here’s what he had to say.

And there it is folks, blue lives matter = Nazis. It was only a matter of time until one of these geniuses dropped a Nazi comparison. It’s what they do when they’re devoid of facts and logic, which is every time they speak.

Finally there was Gaby Stevenson, who accused the liberal City Councilor of enacting white supremacist policies because of the flag.

Again, the only people who find this problematic are racists like Gaby Stevenson. People like her call other people racist because they are projecting, and we’re not going to let them do that anymore.

Part of me feels bad for Councilor Zaret, because he was being attacked and felt like he had to apologize. But at some point you have to stand up to these people, so the fact that he offered this ridiculous apology is pretty pathetic.

“I may have clearly been a little tone-deaf, even though I had good intentions,” he said. “I’m not a perfect person, but I think the work I’ve done and my actions on behalf of the people and the city have set a precedent.”

Tone deaf? Why? Because a bunch of racist white people got big mad on Facebook? Because they tried to pretend that they spoke for black people? Weak. When you figure out that all you have to do is tell these people off, or just outright ignore them, your life gets a lot easier. I used to actually care when people would casually call me a racist or a Nazi. Then I realized they were only calling me that because they knew I was exposing them for being frauds, and now they don’t even bother because they know that word means nothing to me now. They’ve destroyed any meaning that it once had, because they are the real racists.


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