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Easthampton Woman Threatens To Throw Objects In Faces Of Children Who Don’t Wear Masks, Blames Them For Not Letting Her See Mom Dying From Cancer


This is Eliza Lumen, a goth enthusiast and aspiring witch from Easthampton.

Last week Eliza posted a video on Facebook in which she threatened to assault children at a laundromat for not wearing masks, because she believed that their refusal to join her cult is the reason why she could not visit her mother in Florida before she died from cancer a few months ago.

“My mother died at the end of June from cancer. When my semester was over in May I was praying that we would be in a better with the pandemic so I could visit her, because she lived way far away from me. And it didn’t change, and I was scared of flying down there that I would’ve picked up the virus and infected her and I would’ve killed her with coronavirus because she was so immunocompromised because of cancer. And the cancer took her life and I didn’t get to see my mother in person. It was a whole f***ing year since I saw my mother in person and I couldn’t. Because stupid people like these two kids at the laundromat not 15 minutes ago, I yelled at them because they weren’t wearing masks.”

“Oh well I didn’t have one handy.”

Well then GET THE F*** OUT!! GET THE F*** OUT!!! Find your God damn mask and put it on! I couldn’t see my mother before she died because of f***ing a**holes like you. So moving forward I’m gonna carry shit with me, I’m gonna order myself a fog horn, I’m gonna order a God damn air horn so I can go around and I can f***ing get in your face with that air horn until you put your f***ing mask on or get the fuck out. I ain’t playing anymore. If I need to start grabbing shit and chucking it at your God damn face that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m done. I’m done. Black lives matter.”

This might be the wildest Mask Derangement Syndrome rant of all time. The best part is how after vowing to chuck objects at the faces of two children she completely out of nowhere ended the rant with “black lives matter.” Just because that’s what you’re required to do, and the mask cult people are the same idiots who participated in protests with 50,000 people and then blamed you for spreading the virus at Thanksgiving. Question – what if the boys in the laundromat were black? Do we still chuck things at their faces too? Asking for a friend.

The fact of the matter is that her mother was dying from cancer and she CHOSE not to see her. She knew there was limited time left and she allowed ridiculous hysteria over a virus to prevent her from holding her mother’s hand one more time before she passed. What exactly would COVID do to her Mom that’s worse than dying from cancer? Oh right, nothing.

According to her it was the fear of getting the virus on a plane that prevented her from going to Florida, even though you have to wear a mask, which prevents you from getting COVID. As ridiculous as that is, she still could’ve gotten in a car and driven, but she chose not to. She chose to let her mother die alone, and now is using her mother’s passing from a much more deadly disease (cancer) to push a political agenda and justify having psychotic episodes directed at children at the laundromat.

But as it turns out she wasn’t really worried about COVID, she’s just brokeand required a Facebook GoFundMe to visit her Mom 18 months ago in Florida.

“I am going to see her June 3-8. Due to this I am unable to work, which puts me behind on rent, utilities, and the need to rent a car/gas and food while in FL.”

Eliza couldn’t work during her trip to Florida, like most people can’t when they go to Florida. Ya know, because it’s a vacation. But apparently she cannot take any time off from work ever, lest she die of starvation. Therefore the community must chip in to pay for her trip there.

She also said that her Mom would die in the next 5-6 months, which would be November 2019. Yet in the video she said she died a couple months ago in 2020, and somehow it was the kids at the laundromat who prevented her from seeing her.

But wait, it gets better. A month after the fundraiser to visit Mom in Florida she started another fundraiser to travel to Italy to learn how to do “dance ethnology and indigenous spiritual studies” and practice becoming a witch. I shit you not – a witch.

Adults don’t go to Italy to learn how to witch dance because their cat croaked. That’s not a thing. Shut  up and get a job.

She also had another fundraiser for a cat so it could get a skin biopsy.

“Being a full time student…..”

Eliza, you’re way too old to be a full time student, and if you have time to do witch dance training in Italy then you’re a full time nothing. You also go to Greenfield Community College.

A full time community college student. That’s a good one.

Most recently she started a fundraiser in January for a name change because she was adopted.

Just to review, her mother who died from cancer, who she loves very much, raised her and gave her her last name. She was so ashamed of sharing this surname with her mother after having a journey of self discovery that she decided to make up a new surname out of thin air that “connects with her spirit,” and she wanted her friends to pay for the administrative costs because being an adult and paying for your own superfluous things is too much to ask.

This is all very hypocritical considering that Gabby Goth while whining about people dying she’s also hosting death panels about normalizing death.

People like her are the exact reason you should fight the mask insanity. They use fear mongering and tragedy to make themselves seem morally superior to you. They will threaten you with violence and shame if you do not comply, and accuse you of killing their mothers. They are mentally ill and not serious people who any normal person should seriously. I don’t care if you yell and swear and play fog horns in my face. I won’t submit and join your stupid cult because I’m too busy following the science and being free.


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