Elizabeth Warren Is Making Things Up Again – Says That Michael Brown Was “Murdered” By Racist White Cop Despite Justice Department Exoneration


Elizabeth Warren is now second in the polls behind Joe Biden, who by and large has support of the black democratic voting base. Evidently Warren is desperate to make up some ground with black voters because on Friday afternoon she tweeted this.

We’re still pretending that Michael Brown was an innocent victim of police violence? Elizabeth Warren herself demanded that Obama’s Justice Department investigate the circumstances around this death.

So they did.

Upon further investigation it was proven that Mike Brown robbed a store, was confronted by a police officer about it afterwards, assaulted the police officer, attempted to take his gun, and died in the process. He died in the act of committing a low percentage crime that could’ve resulted in the death of Officer Darren Wilson. He was not a victim in any way, shape or form. The media lied about this over and over again, but eventually even the Washington Post debunked it all as complete and utter nonsense.

But facts don’t matter to people like Elizabeth Warren when they’re trying to win an election. They will say whatever they think helps them get elected. It’s why she fell for the Jussie Smollett hoax and used her Twitter account to smear an innocent 16 year old boy from Covington because he smirked at a guy banging a drum in his face. She will do whatever it takes to create racial tension in this country where it does not exist, because that way she can present herself as the antidote to this affliction.

Aside from the obvious issue of trying to divide this country on racial lines and smearing police officers as being inherently racist, she also showed the world what real libel looks like. Michael Brown was not murdered. Murder is a real word, with a real definition. There was no murder indictment, trial, or verdict, thus legally speaking no murder took place. Yet she chose to use the word “murdered,” which implies that Darren Wilson is a murderer. This could hurt his ability to find work in the future, since a major political figure is calling him that and people will believe her.

And all this talk about “justice” is complete nonsense too. Michael Brown and Darren Wilson both received justice in the form of the non-indictment. There is this myth out there that “justice” always ends with a guilty verdict. In actuality real justice is the end result of due process. Facts and evidence were presented to a grand jury, and nothing shown suggested that a murder took place. The truth came out, and this is what real justice looks like. What Elizabeth Warren and people like her want are lynching of innocent men like Darren Wilson, which isn’t justice at all.

This is why I’m going to vote for her and I’m urging others to do the same if they live in a state where independent voters can choose which primary ballot to take. If the goal is to get Trump re-elected, and the best game plan is to have him face the candidate who he has the best odds of beating. Joe Biden doesn’t call innocent police officers “murderers.” He knows that’s bad politics, and he knows it will turn off blue collar union workers in states the democrats need to take back in 2020. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t get that, or else she doesn’t care. She will keep doing stuff like this, people will continue to see how awful she is, and just like in 2016 people will vote for Trump simply because the opposition is so dreadful.

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