Elizabeth Warren Says She’s Appointing A Transgender Child To Interview And Hire Her Secretary Of Education


Elizabeth Warren has been dropping in the polls lately, so she needed to do something to convince voters in Iowa and New Hampshire that she was the best person for the job. Apparently she thinks that the top issue they’re concerned with is allowing transgender 9 year olds to pick the next secretary of education.

There’s pandering, and then there’s Pocahontas pandering. She’s going to allow someone Ryan Kyote’s age, who thinks they’re a girl when they’re really a boy, to have veto power on who the Education Secretary will be. After that we’re going to have cows interview the next Secretary of Agriculture to see what their position is on slaughterhouse conditions, and a random junkie from Plumley Village will get to pick the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The most amazing part of that video is how everyone clapped. Literally not a single person in the room thought it was slightly weird that the person in charge of education in this country would be required to be interviewed by a child. A transgender child to be specific. Amazing.

Since when did we care about anything kids had to say about anything? Why are they all of a sudden relevant in adult conversations? Call me old fashioned, but I prefer a world that is led by grownups, because I believe that most children are in fact morons. That’s OK, because they’re still growing up. But putting the in charge of anything is just madness.

This is how you know your campaign is officially over – you start saying crazy things. Beto did the same thing with guns, and Kamala Harris did the same thing with pretty much everything she said. This is the kind of stunt you pull when you’re desperate for the radicals to leave Bernie and come to you, and it’s exactly why Trump is gonna win again in 2020.


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