Emails From MASC Show School Committee Members Plotting To Force Vaccines On Kids To Attend School, Calling Parents Terrorists For Opposing Forced Masking


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The Massachusetts Association of School Committees is a taxpayer funded non-profit that all School Committees in this state pay dues to. The larger the district, the more they pay, so they usually seek to please urban districts more than rural districts.

Their field director is Tracy Novick, a current member of the Worcester School Committee who previously lost elections in 2009 and 2015 and lives to hear the sound of her own voice.

After she was thrown out of office in 2015 she sadly kept going to meetings and live tweeting it anyway, as she is addicted to social media. She has no personal skills in the real world, but online she thrives on being an obsessively neurotic left wing voice, and has built a following.

Novick is not popular in Worcester though, thanks to her lawsuit with the ACLU against the city when they instituted an ordinance banning panhandling, which cost taxpayers over $1 million.

She presents herself as a progressive, but in reality she is just opportunistic. For example, despite pretending to be some sort of champion for racial justice and increased diversity, she led the charge in 2012 to fire superintendent Melinda Boone, the only black person to ever run the Worcester Public Schools. Then in February she suggested that white parents were trying to murder black children for wanting schools to be fully reopened.

Novick currently serves as field director for MASC, with a salary that is not listed on their 990 forms.

Last year the MASC had gross receipts of nearly $2.5 million, over half of which came directly from the taxpayers, and paid director Glenn Koocher a salary of nearly $200,000


We wrote about Koocher in February of 2018 after MASC inserted itself into a coaching decision in Andover. Highly respected Andover hockey coach Chris Kucher, who built the program into a State Championship contender, was fired after a parent made up a lie that the coach was not letting the players eat or drink as punishment for a loss. A DCF investigation cleared him completely, but Superintendent Sheldon Berman fired him anyway. Leaked emails later showed that much like the vindictive parent, Berman was upset that his mediocre son was not getting a lot of ice time. The emails condescendingly lectured the coach about his lack of coaching skills, and suggested that Berman could do a better job. The fact that he was the coach’s boss was an ethics violation, so there was public pressure for the School Committee to fire him.

Koocher released a response supporting Berman, claiming he was only speaking as a parent, not a superintendent, which was impossible to do. He accused the coach of promoting a jock-ocracy” and “using kids as their vehicle for self-glorification.” He said that the District Attorney should prosecute the coach for leaking the publicly available emails. Berman was later tied to several other scandals and resigned in disgrace.

Last week at an Amesbury School Committee woman a local mother named Jessica Perreira spoke out against proposed mandatory masking of her children. The only member who wore a mask was a politically active democrat named Mel Webster.

Yet they voted 6-1 to mandate masks for all students. At the 6:30 mark Ms. Perreira began speaking, and she made it clear that she would make life difficult for administration if they force the kids to mask. She stated that they would have to force her to comply, that she would resist, and that she would make it her job to expose any member who voted for forced masking.

I had her own my show last night.

This speech did not sit well with Mel Webster, who fired off an email to all members of the MASC, bemoaning the fact that a mother in town had the audacity to resist his state sanctioned abuse of her child.

“What has happened to us as a human race.”

You’re trying to force perfectly healthy children to cover their mouths for 7 hours a day because you are a hypochondriac. You’re what happened to the human race, Mel.

Former Amesbury member Amy Sherwood asked what their plan was for dealing with “disruptive parents.”



“Some actually believe because they are taxpayers they can do whatever they want, “it’s their American right”.”

Yes Amy, Americans have a right to breathe air. And when you try to prevent our children from breathing we will resist you. I know this is hard for you to accept, but accept it you will.

According to Glenn Koocher, MASC is working on what to do with “people who refuse to comply.”

AKA, your children.

A member from South Hadley named Charles Miles, who I blogged about two weeks ago when he rudely dismissed the concerns of a local mother and accused her of trying to kill children for opposing a mask mandate, bemoaned how difficult it was to be an elected official who can’t abuse other people’s children without being met with resistance.

Everyone they don’t agree with is Q Anon.

This is Sharon Stout, a member of the Monomoy Regional School Committee (Harwich-Chatham).

As you can see, she is about 800 years old, may have been Genghis Khan’s first girlfriend, and obviously has no kids in the schools. She also complained about parents who had the audacity to ask that she not abuse their children. She claimed that these parents didn’t care about anyone’s health, just that the parents were the ultimate decision makers.

  1. Parents are the ultimate decision makers.
  2. We care about our children’s mental and physical health, which is why we oppose forced masking.
  3. Unlike you we have studied the data, which clearly shows that masking in school has no effect on COVID transmission.

Nevertheless she complained that these parents didn’t care about the “greater good,” because apparently my child is supposed to be abused by the system so that vaccinated elderly people like her, who never had to wear masks as children, can feel safer.

These people resent and look down upon you for not blindly going along with their delusions.

Her Facebook page shows that she does not believe that individuals should be allowed to make choices for themselves in a free society regarding their health.


Yet just last week she posted pictures of herself out with husband in an indoor gathering full of unmasked strangers.

Because, science.

Yet this same woman is so obsessed and mentally broken that she forces her grandchildren to wear masks when they come to her house for birthday parties.

There was one voice of reason in all of this – a member from Dighton-Rehoboth named Glenn Jefferson. He asked members what they planned on doing if students chose not to wear masks. Would they be suspended for trying to kill other people? Would they be arrested for attempted murder?

That’s when former Salem SC member Brendan Walsh, an 81 year old man, said that these students should be denied a public education.

He then referred to these students as “intruders,” and urged schools to ban them completely.

He complained about parents who thought their kids had some sort of right to breathe air.

And he offered a bigoted solution for parents who had a problem with this.


This sort of anti-semitism has no place in a civilized society. Rabbis are not rapists, and priests are not pedophiles. Yet this hateful anti-semite has the gaul to claim that hate has no place in Salem.

Tracy Novick and others remained silent after seeing this blatant anti-semitism. Only one person named Frederick Small actually spoke out against it.

This is not the first time he’s expressed bigoted views of religious people either.

You are a hateful and horrible person Mr. Walsh, and you need to resign in disgrace.

He’s also an avowed socialist, shilling for big pharma.

Lisa Kocian is a member from Holliston who said that parents who oppose mask mandates are selfish, and present a bigger threat to democracy than foreign terrorists.


This is what they think of you.

Glenn Jefferson once again attempted to be the voice of reason, announcing how disgusted he was that other members were vilifying and dehumanizing concerned parents.

This angered Mel Webster, who accused Glenn of “politically oriented rants,” while the rest of his communist friends were doing just that.

Glenn posted a link to a Turtleboy article about teachers opposing a mask mandate, which he called a “decent article.” This did not go over well with Charles Miles.

Charles, no one threatened to rape you. You’re just making that up because you were exposed for being a horrible person. You are not the victim here, you are the oppressor.

Shannon Molloy from the Harvard SC used a left wing website called “Media Bias/Fact Check” to determine that Turtleboy was a questionable source, despite breaking more stories than the rest of the media in this state combined.

Andrew Lipsett is a member from Woburn who didn’t like that people were choosing to read Turtleboy because he’s seen drive byes as a result of blogs.

This of course never happened. It’s just a way for tyrants like him to shut down dissenting voices.

Kathleen Lenihan of Lexington is also not a fan of Turtleboy.

Like most members, she is an elderly woman who has no kids in the schools but still wants to abuse your children without being criticized for it.

If Lexington had a face.

She is neurotic about vaccination rates in town, and can’t believe that only 65% of 12 year olds in Lexington have taken a vaccine to protect them from a virus that hasn’t killed a single person under the age of 20 in the entire commonwealth.

In her own words she is having a hard time being “patient or charitable towards anyone who isn’t getting their children vaccinated.”

This is what they think of you. They shouldn’t have to be nice to you, because you’re a horrible person who wants to murder your own children and anyone they come in contact with. She’s right about one thing though – we are having a more enjoyable pandemic than her, because unlike her we choose to be free Americans.

Notice at the end she says that Lexington wants to require the vaccine for kids to participate in sports or extracurricular activities. This was an idea pushed by Tracy Novick.

And it’s no doubt the next step. The goal here is to force healthy children to take a vaccine they don’t need. They can’t make you do it, but they can take things away from your kids that make life worth living until you do. If you can’t see what is wrong with this then you haven’t read enough Orwell.

Laura Often, a member of the Grafton SC, was worried that people might attempt to use religious exemptions for mask wearing.

Notice how she puts it in quotation marks. The concept of religion is foreign to her, because she’s in the cult of Dr. Fauci, which is a religion in and of itself that gives social credits to people who make their kids wear masks outdoors while Christmas tree shopping.

That’s when Shannon Scully from Andover, who chose not to fire Sheldon Berman, announced that the Pope is OK with viruses, which I apparently am supposed to write about.

I don’t take my marching orders from Rome, Shannon.

Golden Girl Sharon Stout couldn’t believe someone would ask for an exemption.

They must put the shot in their children to make her feel safe.

Kristin Pangallo is a current member in Salem, who proudly bragged about voting to make children wear masks while playing outdoor sports like soccer and cross country if they don’t get vaccinated, for their health.

She wants to create two classes of students – vaxed and unvaxed. She wants them to be marked with masks if they’re not vaxed. She wants them to be denied the ability to breathe while participating in anaerobic exercise, because she doesn’t understand how science works. It’s probably why she proudly supported the BLM riots last year, hilariously believing the virus could not spread if rioters wore masks.

She bragged about not seeing her family on Thanksgiving.

If you feel the need to announce to the world that you didn’t see your family over the holidays then you’re not doing it for other people, you’re doing it for yourself. You’re doing it for social media affirmation, and she got it with 43 likes.

Tracy Novick has no life, so she knows what each and every school district is doing for COVID. It’s why she would always bring up the most extreme districts like Somerville, and use them as a model for MASC to follow.

Kirsi Allison-Ampe from the Arlington SC thanked her for giving her the impetus to push vaccine mandates on 12 year olds in the Alrington Public Schools.

I will be pushing for the Wachusett School Committee to stop paying dues to MASC. Reports indicate that our district spends over $10K a year in taxpayer money to be part of this child abusing, bigoted, intolerant, hateful, politically motivated lobbying group. Money that could be spent on our kids. I would urge you to find out how much your district is paying so that people like Tracy Novick and Glenn Koocher can avoid getting real jobs.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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