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Emails Show Mikayla Miller’s Guidance Counselor Ignored Warnings About Teen’s Mental Health Crisis And Drug Abuse, Face-time Video Of Previous Suicide Attempt, Child Abuse By Mother


Editor’s Note: The mother of Mikayla Miller’s ex-girlfriend will be sitting down with me tomorrow night on the TB Live Show, starting at 9 PM, to discuss what her family has been through as a result of the lies being made about her daughter. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch, and watch Thursday’s show where I spoke about my experience at the vigil in Hopkinton.

Mikayla Miller was suicidal and self-medicating with drugs for weeks before she killed herself on the night of April 17. Hopkinton High School faculty, the Hopkinton Police Department, and DA Marian Ryan’s office is well aware of this, and has seen everything you are about to read in this blog. Yet they’ve remained silent as three girls from Hopkinton, and two boys from North Brookfield have been labeled as racist murderers by a mob that includes the State Senate President, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, several State Reps, Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer, members of the New England Patriots, and millions of others online. They were willing to allow children in their town to be vilified and offered no protection to them, because they were afraid to tell the mob the truth out of fear of being labeled by racist by Monica Cannon-Grant and former Boston City Councillor Tito Jackson.

On May 2 Monica Cannon-Grant began using her Facebook page to hurl baseless accusations at officials for covering up the alleged lynching of 16 year old Mikayla Miller.

We now know that DA Ryan did contact Mikayla’s mother the day after she died, and that none of the “suburban white kids” have a parent who is a police officer. One of the children is Latino.

In her post Monica included a screenshot from her “source,” filled with misinformation and lies, which Monica presented as fact, despite the fact that her source said it was third hand information. The screenshot also says the name of Mikayla’s 16 year old ex-girlfriend, who broke up with her shortly before she committed suicide, and alleges that the girl was responsible for Mikayla’s death.

Kaitlyn Anderson grew up in North Brookfield, but her family recently moved back to Hopkinton where her parents grew up. She has undergone more pain than any teenager ever should, after losing a person who was very special to her for a long time.

Now, to compound that pain, she is being labeled as a murderer by a violent, racist, and threatening 40 year old pregnant woman, who has been hailed by the media as a civil rights icon and honored as one of the 100 most influential people in Boston.

At the rally yesterday Monica Cannon-Grant lectured the mostly white crowd in Hopkinton to use their “privilege,” and instructed them to go home and harass DA Marian Ryan’s Office with phone calls demanding an “independent investigation” (whatever that means), rather than going home and “eat yo cheese sandwich and say you showed up for the negroes.” The crowd of white people enthusiastically clapped, agreeing that their white skin makes them boring and plain, and thus relegated to eating unseasoned cheese sandwiches.

Due to Monica’s history of inciting violence many businesses in town either closed, or pathetically put up BLM signs, hoping the mob wouldn’t come for them if they grew angry.

Like many 16 year olds, Mikayla did not handle the breakup well. She felt lost without Kaitlyn and turned to drugs and alcohol. Out of anger she had her friends from Quincy, the city where she grew up, begin to harass Katelyn with spam phone calls. Here are text messages from Mikayla to a mutual friend, that the police and DA’s office have seen, in which she talks about her drug use (xanax, mushrooms, pot, alcohol) and admits to the phone calls.

Mikayla’s father killed himself 7 years ago, and it severely impacted her mental health. Mikayla and her mother Calvina Storthers did not have the best relationship, despite the way Calvina made it seem on social media, and yesterday at the protest.

“You know the old saying, ‘Two peas in a pod?’ That was us. My daughter was great,” Strothers continued through tears. “Funny, loving, caring and loved me to death, we had a bond that is indescribable.”

Calvina’s boyfriend lives in Chicago, and she frequently flies there for long periods of time, leaving Mikayla alone in their $3,800 a month condo in Hopkinton, often with no food. As a result Mikayla relied on others for food and company, including her girlfriend’s parents, who bought her groceries on several occasions.

In March of 2020 there was an incident at Mikayla’s home, which Kaitlyn witnessed. Calvina allegedly assaulted her daughter, giving her a black eye, and the police were called. Kaitlyn contacted her mother Megan Anderson, who came by to pick both of them up. DCF asked Kaitlyn if she would let Mikayla stay with her, but she didn’t feel comfortable having her daughter’s girlfriend living with her. For roughly two weeks Mikayla stayed in foster care in Quincy before being reunited with her mother.

After they broke up Kaitlyn attempted to remain friends with Mikayla, but Mikayla was not handling it well, and was clearly going through a mental health crisis. Kaitlyn did the right thing and alerted Mikayla’s guidance counselor Kiely Murray via email, since her mother was in Chicago visiting her boyfriend.

“I don’t trust her alone with herself and I’m scared she might hurt herself. She tore up her room and she’s screaming and yelling.”

This was a child screaming out for help, and the one person in her life who should’ve been there for her was in Chicago with her boyfriend. Kiely Murray wrote back to Kaitlyn and promised she would check in on her.

If Ms. Murray was as concerned for the mental well being of the children under her care as she was for making sure her pronouns were included in her email signature, perhaps Mikayla would be alive today. Instead they did almost nothing to resolve this.

Ms. Murray, the Hopkinton Police, the DA’s Office, and Calvina Strothers have all seen these emails. They are all well aware that Mikayla was in the midst of a mental health crisis, and yet they remain silent as a mob of million blames her death on other children in town. They remained silent as one of the most influential congresswomen in Washington demanded an independent investigation into what they know as a fact was a suicide.

They’ve remained silent at Tito Jackson spread lies about five white kids beating up Mikayla while inflaming racial tensions.

They remained silent as Mikayla’s abusive and negligent mother demanded the “forensics” on the belt Mikayla used to kill herself.

Mikayla was not found tied to a try as some have suggested. They found her with one end of a belt tied to a small tree for leverage, with other around her neck. To kill yourself in this manner you lean forward and choke yourself to death. I know what this feels like because I tried the same thing with an extension chord 3 months ago. It’s painful, and requires the person to be extremely dedicated to taking their own life as they have to continue to deny themselves the ability to breath. I can only imagine how alone and helpless Mikayla felt to reach this horrible place mentally.

After the emails were sent and the school did next to nothing to help Mikayla, the troubled teen Face-timed Kaitlyn and attempted to kill herself with that very same belt, which Kaitlyn identified to police when she was questioned. It it notable that this was the exact method Mikayla used to kill herself on April 17. There is no recording of this, and it was only witnessed by Kaitlyn, but she has made the authorities aware of it. Yet the Hopkinton Police remain silent as a child in their town is falsely being labeled as a murderer.

Consequently Kaitlyn has been harassed and bullied at school, while being accused by classmates of taking part in Mikayla’s murder. These text messages are between Kaitlyn and her mother, and include screenshots of text messages Katelyn sent Mikayla’s aunt, expressing her concern about Mikayla’s mental health. Mikayla’s aunt never returned her messages.

Kaitlyn believes the school is covering up these emails so they don’t have to fire Kiely Murray.

The State Police took Kaitlyn’s phone for two weeks as part of their thorough investigation into this suicide. When she finally got her phone back she was scared and upset that everyone in town was labeling her as a murderer.

On April 17 Kaitlyn went to Mikayla’s condo to pick up clothes and other items that were at Mikayla’s house as part of the breakup process. She traveled there with four other people:

  • Two 16 year old boys from her hometown of North Brookfield, including one who was Latino
  • An 18 year old girl who drove them
  • Another 16 year old girl who goes to Hopkinton High School

Mikayla was still upset and lashing out as she had admittedly done before in the text messages above. When Kaitlyn arrived Mikayla lashed out at her and began smashing up the condo clubhouse, throwing chairs and bashing her head off the pool table – behavior Kaitlyn had previously reported to Kiely Murray in the email. According to a NBC News report the condo the video surveillance system failed to record any of this due to a technological malfunction.

Kaitlyn went inside alone initially, where she and Mikayla reportedly got into an argument. Kaitlyn punched Mikayla in the mouth, despite being much smaller. It was then that the boys exited the vehicle and attempted to break them up. One girl remained in the car, and they left afterwards. Calvina then called the police, who questioned the girls.

From that point on the two boys went back to Kaitlyn’s former home town of North Brookfield, which explains why they were seen on surveillance at the Sturbridge Wendy’s at the time Mikayla took her life – Sturbridge is the Mass Pike exist you take for the Brookfields. The girls all went back to their homes, where they were accounted for at the time Mikayla died.

After the incident at the clubhouse Mikayla continued to plunge deeper into her mental health crisis, and likely had another panic attack. She reportedly took more drugs and left her house without her mother knowing, despite being between 9 and 10 PM. She walked 1,300 steps according to cell phone data to a wooded area with a walking trail across from 34 West Main Street in Hopkinton. I passed by it the other day on the way to the vigil.

According to an affidavit filed by a Hopkinton Police detective, her body was found suspended from a tree branch by a jogger the next morning. There were no signs of foul play, and the undisturbed area surrounding Mikayla’s body suggested that no one else was there when she died.

“As I approached the scene I could see an African American female suspended from a tree branch,” the detective wrote.

“I did a cursory examination of the body upon my arrival,” he continued. “I did not observe any trauma, external wounds or bleeding coming from the decedent. The scene appeared to be undisturbed, the leaf litter on the ground appeared to be matted and heavily traveled. It should be noted that the decedent was located on a heavily traveled town path.”

The detective noted that a thin black leather belt was affixed to a small branch and secured around Mikayla’s neck.

Mikayla was “dressed appropriately for the conditions,” and there were no signs of dirt or debris on her clothing or shoes that would indicate she struggled, according to the detective’s affidavit.

Mikayla was wearing a baseball cap, and police located her backpack in the area, according to the affidavit. Inside were personal property, including a Macbook computer and cellphone, according to the affidavit.

Mikayla Miller’s death was a preventable tragedy. She was a child in need of love and affection, which she wasn’t getting from her mother, and sought from her girlfriend. After her relationship ended she felt alone and turned to drugs and alcohol, which only made her behavior worse and caused her to lash out at her ex-girlfriend. Despite this mistreatment Kaitlyn still cared for Mikayla and went out of her way to try to get her help by alerting adults of her mental health crisis. These adults did nothing to remedy the situation, and remain silent today as the responsible child who reached out to them is being called a murderer.

Mikayla Miller’s mother is blaming authorities, rather than focusing on her own failures as a parent that led to the death of her daughter. She hasn’t mentioned her history of child abuse, or how she affords to live in a $3,800 a month condo, drive a Mercedes, buy a car for her daughter, and fly to Chicago frequently despite being a hairdresser. She has baselessly accused Marian Ryan and the State Police of lying as part of a massive coverup, despite knowing full well that her daughter committed suicide.

And she’s profited off of it immensely. The GoFundMe she started in her own name yesterday has raised over $40K, with the money allegedly going towards an “independent investigation” that will never happen. The DA’s Office and the State Police have invested hundreds of hours into this investigation already. They took the phones from five innocent people for two weeks, spoke to them on a daily basis, and turned over every stone possible to see if they were involved in Mikayla’s death. All of them have been cleared with undeniable forensic evidence.

My heart breaks for Mikayla Miller, and I identify with her with her mental health struggles. Millions of children her age have felt like this before, and many have taken their lives. With this platform BLM could’ve raised millions of dollars for mental health services for at risk children. But that would require admitting this was a suicide, and BLM has no interest in black teenagers who kill themselves. They only care when black people are killed by police or white people, so they can use it as a way to line their pockets. It’s gross, disgusting, and anyone involved in this shame is a morally bankrupt con-artist who should forever be banned from civilized society now that this has all come out.


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