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Empty Graves, Fudge The Crack Dealer, And Shady Attorney: The Fotis Dulos Murder Warrant For Killing Ex-Wife Is A Wild Story


Last year we blogged about a Connecticut woman who was using her son to try to profit off of the disappearance of missing New Caanan, CT woman Jennifer Dulos, by creating a GoFundMe that would supposedly help find the killer. Yesterday Jennifer Dulos finally received some justice when her ex-husband Fotis Dulos, his girlfriend Michelle Troconis, and his attorney Kent Mawhinney were arrested, without the help of a GoFundMe. Fotis is charged with murder, while the other two are charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The lawyer looks exactly how I imagined he would look. A balding Saul Goodman who you’d look to hire if you wanted to launder money without the IRS finding out about it.

I’m shocked it took this long, but it looks like they were building a case to get the other two on conspiracy charges. They had video of Fotis and Troconis in a bad part of Hartford on the day she disappeared dropping bloody clothing with Jennifer’s DNA on it into various dumpsters all over Albany Ave. Granted, my degree as a Facebook detective doesn’t make me an expert, but it seemed like there was a lot of evidence that I assumed could be used to arrest and charge Fotis with murder.

As terrible as this story is, I couldn’t stop laughing when I found out what happened to the murder weapon in Hartford.

This sounds like a Chapelle Show skit. A homeless man found the knife while dumpster diving, and sold it for $5 work of crack cocaine to a guy name “Fudge,” the friendly neighborhood crack dealer. Since Fudge is such a savvy entrepreneur he then sold the knife for twice the price that he purchased it for, to a man who he can’t identify. Thus the murder weapon is likely gone forever unless the police can locate a random guy who bought a knife off of Fudge for $10. #FreeFudge.

According to the arrest warrant Fotis had been planning this for months, and did it for two main reasons:

  1. He was mad that he only got to see his 5 kids once every other weekend for a few hours, with supervision near Jennifer’s house.
  2. Her family was extremely rich, he was being sued by her mother for borrowing $2.5 million for his failing home building business that he never paid back, he was $7 million in debt, and he would’ve had access to millions of dollars in trust fund money intended for the children if Jennifer died.

On the morning of the murder he drove from his home in Farmington (near Hartford) before 5 AM, to her house an hour away in New Canaan, CT (near NYC) in a company vehicle that an employee of his normally used. Since he wasn’t allowed in her house and didn’t want the car to be seen near there he parked it on a rural road near the Merritt Parkway, then got on his vintage bike, rode to her house, snuck around the back, and lay in wait for her in the garage after she dropped the kids off at school. He ambushed her, but likely did not kill her in the house, because she was bound with zip ties, which you would not do to a dead body.

Fotis then cleaned her place, packed his bike into her car, drove it back to where he parked his company vehicle registered to his employee, transferred her while she was possibly still alive, killed her at a house his company was building in New Canaan, and then drove back to Farmington. He left her car in New Canaan, which was found by New Canaan Police later on.

Troconis lied to the police several times, and initially provided an alibi for Fotis by claiming he was at her house while the murder was happening. The two of them had a written alibi that they rehearsed and Fotis had told her in the past that he wished Jennifer would disappear.

Troconis and Mawhinney were at a mansion in Farmington owned by the company (where he conducted business) with Fotis’ cell phone when it rang, she answered it, a Greek woman on the other end said something in Greek, and Jennifer said something in Spanish. This would give Fotis an alibi for being there, and would tie both of the other two to the conspiracy.

Fotis also asked Jennifer to bring cleaning supplies to this mansion on that day. Since they haven’t found her body, it’s possible that he chopped her up in the house, but he also could’ve killed her in New Canaan. It should be noted that Fotis builds homes for a living, so there’s a real possibility Jennifer is buried in a concrete foundation somewhere.

The case may have been cracked by the employee whose car was used by Fotis to drive to New Canaan on the day of the murder. Jennifer’s DNA was likely all over the seats so he paid the employee to have the seats switched out and gave him a nonsensical reason why. The employee did as he was told, but since he was suspicious he held onto the old seats, which the police later got from him and contained her DNA.

Jennifer’s nanny also helped solve the case. She noticed that 10 rolls of paper towels were gone when she came back to Jennifer’s place after the murder. In the days afterwards Fotis was hounding her about seeing the kids and demanded that he text her every three hours with updates. He never once asked about Jennifer, who was missing.

Then there’s the sleezy attorney Mawhinney. He was arrested earlier in the year for beating his wife, who said she feared for her life. Here’s where it gets crazy.

  • Mawhinney was previously a member of a hunting club in East Granby, CT.
  • He had inquired about rejoining the club, which only had 5 members, in March, and was told where the key was to enter.
  • Six days before the murder two members of the club went hunting and found an empty grave dug, with tarps and lime inside of it, covered by grill gates and sticks to disguise it.
  • Two days before the murder they went back to the hole to find that the lime and tarp were gone.
  • Mawhinney never ended up joining the club, and in August when the hunters realized that Mawhinney was tied to Fotis they contacted the police who went back to where the hole was.
  • The grave had been filled in, they unearthed it, found no body, but did find sticks and other things initially used to disguise it.

Either Mawhinney was planning on killing his own wife and dumping her there, or he had been conspiring with Fotis for months to kill Jennifer and bury her there, and then changed his mind about doing that once he realized that his grave was discovered. I can’t imagine what his motive would be to involve himself in a conspiracy to murder Fotis’ wife, which has led some to believe (including myself) that Fotis and his scubag attorney both planned on killing their wives, but Mawhinney got cold feet once his grave was discovered.

Fotis is a mentally unstable lunatic with an obsession for water skiing. A contentious part of his marriage to Jennifer was the fact that he forced his kids to train for it and participate in competitions. His Facebook page is still up, and shows him going to water skiing competitions all over the place, with his kids in many of the pictures. Not once is Jennifer in a single picture going back years.

This Lifetime movie and Dateline special are going to be wild.


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