Enfield Mother Looking For Reputable Modeling Agency For 2 Year Old Daughter Despite Concerns Over Child Trafficking


Autumn Mason is an Enfield mother who recently asked a community group where she could sign her child up to be the next JonBenet Ramsey.

Just to review, she’s worried about child sex trafficking and is actively looking for strangers to take pictures of her underage daughter. How old is this kid?

Two and a half. Perfectly normal thing to pursue for your child who is still in diapers if you’re worried about child trafficking. This is why you should never name your child after a season under any circumstances.

For what it’s worth, her poor kid looks like the closest thing they’ve had to a bath is a run through the sprinkler and seems to always be wearing very little on her social media posts.

Newsflash parents everywhere – your kid isn’t special. I know you think they’re cute, and they probably are because they’re 2. But at the end of the day they’re just another helpless human being who occasionally says funny things. They don’t want to become a model, as much as you’d like to relive your life failures through them. They want to be kids, play, and have fun. They don’t want to be dressed up by creepy adults for hours at a time and photographed while you drain your savings account in pursuit of a dream that will never come to fruition. If Autumn insists on pushing her daughter towards things that are not in her best interest then the poor kid will likely become a teen runaway, like Autumn did as a 17 year old four years ago.

Meanwhile, the baby daddy’s bio indicates that he is in fact a certified hardo.

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No one will ever be impressed if you feel the need to tell the world that you’ll kill someone for your daughters. We all know that we’d go to great lengths to protect our kids. You’re not special, just like your kid isn’t special. And if you really would protect your kids to the point that you’d murder another person over them then you’d never allow them to be models at the age of 2.5. If you want your child to excel at something read them books and teach them how to code.


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