Enfield Police Spend 45 Minutes Being Lectured By Woman About Why They Should Let Violent Criminals Punch Them In The Face


Last week we four men were arrested in Enfield, CT after the live streamed themselves harassing, degrading, and throwing a bottle of liquor at police officers who were responding to a suicide call to check up on their friend, who ended up punching one of cops in the face.

I attempted to get the store owner who blamed the cops for his friends trashing the store to come on the live show but he declined. However, I did get ahold of this sassy young lady.

She goes by Kayleigh Rae on the Facebook machine, and her boyfriend Mark Keys was one of the four who was arrested while literally crying for his mommy.

She came on at the 1:34:15 mark, and it was glorious, particularly her interactions with my guest Bret Killoran.


But as entertaining as she was, she had nothing on the woman featured on Fox 61 News, who claimed to not know any of the people involved, happened to be walking by the liquor store while the mayhem was going down, and blamed the cops for everything. (12 second mark and 26 second mark)

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Jessica Delia was quite upset with the police and claimed she couldn’t sleep after the incident, so she got two patient police officers to dedicate 45 minutes of their time to meeting with her as she attempted to explain to them how to do their job. If you don’t have time to watch the entire stream I’ve compiled some of the best parts into a YouTube clip.

She believes the cop who was punched in face by the guy who couldn’t figure out how to kill himself was at fault for then arresting the guy who assaulted him.

Noxzema Nancy: “After they punch you in the face you should step the fuck back. That person was in distress.”

Cop: “He punched the officer in the face.”

Noxzema Nancy: “That person is in distress sir. That person wanted to kill themselves.”

Cop:”What should we do at that point?”

Noxzema Nancy: “You should talk to them. After they punch you in the face you should step back. You should step the fuck back.”

Cop: “That’s not how it works.”

Noxzema Nancy: “I know it’s not how it works, that’s how it should work though.”


Noxzema Nancy: “they were afraid to get arrested because their friend punched one of your officers in the head and they decided to protect him.”

Cop: “So their friend punched the officers and that’s OK?”

Noxzema Nancy: “Their friend was not in a good headspace, what do you not understand?”


She blamed the cops for causing the man to punch him.

Noxzema Nancy: “What was the officer doing to his friend to make him want to punch him? Why was that man (the second guy) arrested?”

Cop: “he pushed the other officer….”

Noxzema Nancy: “after the officer did what?”

Cop: “Was taking the person who needed aid into custody.”

Noxzema Nancy: “yes, because he was arresting his friend who wanted to kill himself.”

Cop: “He wasn’t arresting him.”

Noxzema Nancy: “That doesn’t matter, that’s what his friends thought.”


She believes they should be allowed to punch cops because……love.

“Obviously this other person who came after you loves that person dearly.”


She claims to work in mental health, which is scary if true.

Noxzema Nancy: “I work in the mental health field. I work with crazy people every single day.”

Cop: “And you call them crazy people?”

Noxzema Nancy:  “Yes, they are crazy, they are completely insane. But I love those people. They are my people.”

I couldn’t confirm this, and I assume she’s lying, but if she really does work with people who are mentally ill then that’s like the blind leading the blind.


Whenever she was asked a legitimate question by the cops, or they pointed out the insanity of a policy where people are allowed to punch cops in the face, she’d cry and get hysterical.

Noxzema Nancy: “I hate this world.”

Cop: “should he have sat and talked to that person?”

Noxzema Nancy: “Yes, he should have”

She literally justified hitting police with a bottle of liquor and blamed the cop who had his head cut open.

Noxzema Nancy:”So it’s OK for someone to hit a police officer?”

Cop: “When the police act like this, yes.”


She also claimed to not know them, but then said she had all their phone numbers, told the cops they should not be allowed to touch anyone at any time, and lectured them about the appropriate training they should receive.

“There’s this training called PBS training, do you know what that is? Positive behavior support. And you guys need that.”

But this is not some fringe opinion. This is an actual belief that is included in BLM’s stated goals, an organization that has raised hundreds of millions of dollars from people who have no idea what they’re donating towards. They believe that social workers, not police officers, should respond to calls like this.

Jessica Delia posted the video in an Enfield Facebook group, thinking that people would be swayed by her hilarious display of lunacy, but it ended up leading to hundreds of comments from people with common sense crapping on her. If you have time and want to go down the rabbit hole you can read it here

Jessica Delia is also a mod for Predator Poachers of Massachusetts YouTube channel, and the other mods began to realize there was something wrong with her when she began plotting to take down a Christopher Columbus statue.

After her and her Antifa friends succeeded in their venture and Masslive wrote about it she published a video shaming all the people who put an angry face emoji on the Facebook post.

This is a woman who regularly traffics in fake news that is so fake Facebook has to put up a warning to let morons like her know that they fell for a meme.

She’s obviously delusional, but there are millions more like her. And if you associate with black lives matter, this is your peer group. You can laugh at the things she’s saying, but everything she said is a mainstream black lives matter position.


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