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Everett 2nd Grade Teacher Travels With Friends To Virgin Islands After Demanding Schools Be Closed Due To COVID


This is Everett Second Grade teacher Stephanie Regan.

Everett has been in remote learning since last year and has no plans to open the schools. The teachers refuse to be around kids because they might get a virus with a 99.9% recover rate that gives them the sniffles, or causes them to be unable to smell their own farts. They don’t care that schools have been proven to not be areas where the virus spreads, nor do they care that every other western country never shut down their schools no matter how high cases got. Meanwhile the children of Everett are suffering.

Our team reached out to all school districts in Massachusetts that are still in a remote-only learning model to see how many kids are falling through the cracks of a virtual classroom and what districts are doing about it. The Everett School District reports 13 students have not logged on since the start of the school year. They’ve also identified 127 students as high risk for low participation.

“We started by really just looking at attendance data, because that’s kind of a global marker for student engagement. And we were disappointed with the numbers that we saw,” said Pryia Tahiliani, Superintendent of Everett Public Schools and their roughly 7,500 students.

She says remote learning has presented an entirely new set of engagement problems they are working every day to solve. “It is just completely unparalleled to anything I think we’ve ever had to do in education before,” Tahiliani said.

Stephanie has been complaining about going back to school since the summer, when cases were a fraction of what they are today.

“Our poor kids are the ones who are going to become sick.”

If you’re this misinformed about coronavirus at this point then you have no business being a teacher. You’re just too dumb. Zero children under the age of 20 have died from or with COVID. Zero. Teachers like Stephanie just lie and fear-monger because they don’t want to go back to work like everyone else. They’ll gladly stop at Dunkins and get a coffee, not caring about the people working in close quarters inside for much less money, because coffee is essential but a quality public education is not.

Also, if your argument is that schools and society should lockdown now because cases are so high, then you shouldn’t have been calling for lockdowns in August when they were low. You just don’t want to go back to work until the virus no longer exists.

She recently posted a lecture about masks and daylight savings.

Smothering yourself with a diaper will save lives, even though mask mandates have led to immediate spikes in cases. And if you don’t wear a mask then you are killing people and probably shouldn’t do daylight savings either. This person is in charge of educating children.

She also lectured selfish parents about why their kids were better off learning with her at home.

“Or is it just convenient because it’s part of our lifestyle and we don’t want to change it?”

This is what they think of parents. You only want your kids in school because it’s convenient and you’re unwilling to change your lifestyle. Sure, you’ll have to quit your job to watch your 7 year old, become destitute, lose your ability to run errands at all during the day, and your child will suffer from isolation and depression while being deprived of the social interaction that makes school fun, but at least your child’s healthy 30 year old teacher won’t catch a virus with no chance whatsoever of killing her. Silly, selfish parents.

Anyway, Stephanie is REALLY afraid of COVID. So afraid that she got on a crowded plane with her husband and another unrelated couple and travelled to the Virgin Islands without their kids over the vacation.

They just don’t care. They have zero shame. They are dumping all over our faces and parents are just accepting it. Not a single one of them is afraid of this virus, and for good reason. The only thing they’re afraid of is waking up earlier to return to work. These people are evil, and they’re harming your children.

And of course she also is a proud supporter of the BLM protests, where 50,000 people at a time gathered shoulder to shoulder to protest one of thousands of murders that happen every year in a city 1,500 miles from Everett. To that end she made a post in August defending Jacob Blake, a violent rapist who was shot by a heroic police officer while trying to kidnap a van full of children from the woman he digitally raped.

Black lives matter, but black rape victims don’t. That’s Stephanie Regan’s official position.

She really cares about black lives, which is why she refuses to educate them in person in Everett, and chooses to live far away from them in North Reading.

The only thing worse than that is pretending that AIC is a real college.


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