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Exposing Josh Abrams’ Lies He Told About Me And William Tibbetts On His “Show” Saturday


Yesterday Josh Abrams did a “show,” which he invited me onto, but I had to decline because unlike him I don’t live day to day in hotel rooms. Because I declined he began making up slanderous lies about the reasons I left Shepherd Hill, as well as claiming that he “won” the fight with William Tibbetts in jail, when the facts say otherwise. I decided to call him to confront him live in order to dispute the following claims he was making:

  1. That I left Shepherd Hill due to a rape allegation from a student
  2. That the incident report from jail confirms that he beat up Billy Tibbetts

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He hung up on me because he as flustered. He promised me evidence, he knew he didn’t have it, so he came up with the excuse that I was rude to him and his girlfriend and used it to end the conversation. The fact remains that what he read in that incident report was not what was written on the paper he was reading it from

He just know that the people he’s scamming wouldn’t be bothered to actually look into it. So I did them this favor, even though they’ll probably keep standing by him anyway.

Will Josh go on with Bristol tonight at 7 PM? I’m guessing not, since he took down his video with her in which he cries about his childhood, complains that he was given up for adoption, and gets broken down mentally by Bristol.

Also, if you missed last night’s show, it was a good one.




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