Failed Boomer Musician And Friends Attack Seven Saws Brewery In Holden For Not Making People Wear Masks In Between Sips Of Beer 


This is Walter Crockett, an elderly hippie and failed folk musician who now resides in Holden.


His current profile picture really says it all.

Nuff said.

A brewery called Seven Saws Brewery recently opened up in Holden and it’s quite popular. Despite being brainwashed by MSNBC into believing that he is about to die at any moment if he comes in contact with an unvaxxed, or unmasked human being in public, Walter decided to head down to Seven Saws anyway. What he saw left him scarred for life, so he left an angry review on their Facebook page and his.

Imagine going through life this paranoid? Imagine caring about “cases” and actively monitoring COVID data this far into the pandemic? Imagine wanting to live in a world where the servants were forced to wear masks while people like Walter removed theirs to drink craft beer? Imagine slandering a new business in town because you’re pretending to be outraged about masks? Literally every Democratic politician has been caught at some sort of public event ignoring their own mask rules. If only Walter knew that the leaders of his team don’t believe masks work then maybe he’d chill out. But people like him are too far gone, and old people aren’t exactly flexible or open to hearing new ideas, so it’s pointless to talk to them. All you can do is just sit back and laugh at the dumb things they say.

“I can understand people taking their masks off to drink….”

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Thank you for allowing people to remove their masks to drink Walter.

“…but this was no masks at all. That’s unconscionable!”

How dare human beings interact without a piece of paper covering their mouths! Sure, states with mask mandates saw much higher rates of COVID than states without mask mandates, but Joy Reid told him to wear a mask and I’ll be damned if anyone ever disobey Joy Reid!

“I have several friends and family members who were full vaccinated and still got a breakthrough case.”

He’s so close to putting it all together guys. He’s right there.

“That does not give them the right to infect any of us, much less risk our lives for momentary pleasure sucking down a beer in an establishment that puts profit before people.”

Look Walter, it’s really simple – no one is forcing you go to out in public. You’re free to spend your few remaining years hiding in your home like the hobbit that you are, and the world will be a much happier place if you do. You actually do have the right to get other people sick, you don’t have a right NOT to get sick, and life is about taking chances.

The problem here is that Walter is a boomer, and their generation is one of the most spoiled, selfish, and sheltered generations of all time. We spent over a year trying to protect these old fogies who were afraid of their own shadow, and we’re done doing that now. They had their fun growing up, and now they selfishly want us not to because they’re afraid of getting sick. Too bad. I just don’t care if you get COVID, and I’m unwilling to do anything to stop the spread. It’s that simple.

Oh, and Holden doesn’t have a mask mandate. It’s why I like living here. The neighboring town of West Boylston does, which is why no one wants to go there.

Anyway, the commentary under his post was absolutely wild.

“Plague rats.”

Maybe don’t call other people plague rats if you look like you have the plague.

Imagine spending your time contacting the town manager to beg him to govern you harder?

A great way to treat your customers with the highest regard is to let them make their own decisions about wearing masks, and implementing whatever policy it takes to keep people like this out.

“You take away my choice not to get infected by you.”

Well, you can’t get infected if you don’t go, my guy. Trust me, no one wants to see this face in public.

Adrianne Balcom bragged about telling a minimum wage worker to smother herself with a mask in order to interact with her.

LOL. “The customer told me I’ve been brainwashed.”

Boomers and iPhones are a horrible mix.

She also couldn’t believe it when an 82 year old human died.

82 year old people never died before COVID!

Then this obese creepy school bus driver Matt Brodeur bragged about how he’s listening in on kid’s conversations and is psyched to hear that many of them are getting a vaccine they don’t need, to protect them from a virus that is not a threat to them.

I’d be much more worried if my kid’s bus driver looked like this than I am about my kid getting COVID.



This f***ing guy.

God, I really just hate boomers so much. They are the most selfish and useless people. Not all of you, just the ones that go around saying stuff like Nathan Smith:

“Continue to be an a**hole and unknowingly kill.”

This is what these people have been lead to believe you are doing when you don’t wear a mask. You can’t reason with folks like this. All you can do is laugh and mock them, as you should.

Just shut the f*** up and wear a mask!


Meanwhile walking blobs of cellulite like Robert Boberg here are the ones telling you to wear a mask.

I don’t care if you’re immunocompromised, and I don’t care about your health problems. They’re not my problem and never were. If you’re this fragile you should never leave the house, and we’d all appreciate if you chose to do that.

Then there was Jim Langley.

Holy diabeetus!

This health expert went to a show at the Hanover Theater, where you have to show your vax passport and wear a mask anyway, and he nearly was killed by some vaccinated people who took their masks off to breathe air!

Imagine phoning in a complaint to the Hanover Theater the day after a concert and not expecting them to mock you for doing so?

Then there’s this bigot.


Cynthia Curtis is a white supremacist who owns some sort of business in town and discriminates against the unvaxxed. Since black people are unvaxxed at a higher rate she is systemically discriminating against black people, which is something white supremacists are known to do. This isn’t surprising, since over the summer she had a letter read at the School Committee meeting, advocating that other people’s children be forced to wear masks. She said she couldn’t attend because she feared being around unvaxxed swine.

Finally, Robert Lavalee is also a hippie boomer musician who will not shake hands with the unmasked people who pay to hear him suck.

Roger, there’s no way anybody has ever tried to compliment or hug you.

You’re just that unlovable.

Anyway, I’m just happy to live in a town that doesn’t force people to wear masks. But even when I got into places that do I still refuse. If you’re complying then you’re part of the problem. Do your part in upsetting people like this and the world will be a better place.


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