Falco K9 Announces It’s Closing 4 Days After Turtleboy Investigates Story, Katie Thompson Calls Plymouth Police On Turtleboy And Whistleblower


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Breaking News – Falco K9 announced today on social media that they are closing their doors just 4 days after we published our story investigating animal abuse at their South Boston dog training facility.

It took two years to shut down Monica Cannon-Grant, but all we needed was a long weekend to shut down Falco K9. It took us months to shut down Laughlin Kennel in 2015, so our reporting was clearly accurate. Due to our story Falco K9 was under investigation by the MSPCA and ARL for a second time, and it appears as if Tyler Falconer didn’t want to deal with an investigation while also running his business.

As you can see, Falconer says that there will come a time when he gets to share his story. Why that time is not right now is unclear. Perhaps he needs time to get his story straight.

Falconer claims that staff members showed up early and stayed late. But the concern here wasn’t about his employees as much as it was about the dogs that were abused and malnourished under their watch.

Falconer also claims that clients became family and friends, which is accurate. His wife Katie Thompson Falconer was a client and WCVB News reporter when she met Tyler. Usually she is on Channel 5’s Eye Opener in the morning, but today she conspicuously was not, nor should she ever be again. Katie Thompson is not an innocent bystander in this:

  1. She used her Instagram account to contact the employer of a client to try to get the woman fired for accusing Falco K9 of dog abuse underneath a post on WCVB’s account. This put fear in the salon owner that WCVB would damage their business if they did not fire the employee. She effectively weaponized her employer without their consent.
  2. She applied for a harassment prevention order against a woman who sued Tyler for filming her during sex without her consent, which would’ve effectively silenced her from speaking out.
  3. She contacted a former customer named Margie on her wedding day and used her unborn child in order to guilt the woman into taking down her posts exposing Tyler’s business.
  4. She contacted a former employee who had submitted a statement to ARL investigators about the mistreatment of dogs she witnessed while working at Falco K9, and used her unborn baby to guilt the woman into no longer cooperating with law enforcement.

Katie Falconer is completely compromised and can no longer work at WCVB. How can anyone trust the network to cover this story moving forward if someone who tried to cover it up works there? There is a reason they have not reported on this yet.

Yesterday I received a call from a Plymouth Police Detective after Tyler Falconer and his wife Katie accused former customer Margie of sending me an illegally recorded phone call between Katie and Margie. However, I specifically said there was NOT a tape of that, which they apparently took as code for “there is a tape.” I informed the detective that I did this intentionally to mess with their head and she took the bait. At that point the investigation was closed. However, this was yet another attempt on their part to weaponize the courts in order to silence two whistle blowers.

My worry is that Falconer will shut down Falco K9 and open under a different name. His nephew Jake Walthall opened a business in Arlington after leaving Falco called Pack Mentality Canine. You can see his Instagram here. In November they were temporarily shut down after investigators found mistreated and abused dogs sitting in crates overnight, covered in feces.

This is the same man who filmed himself laughing at a scared and abused dog that urinated on the floor at Falco K9.

However, they appear to still be open based on posts showing dogs inside the business just four days ago.

None of this would have been reported if we did not pick up on the story. The Boston Globe and several other media outlets were well aware of what was happening but chose not to write about it. You can dislike our rhetoric or our politics, but at the end of the day we report on things no one else will, and the results speak for themselves. Stories like this are why I get up every day and do what I do, and why I will continue doing this for the rest of my life.


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