Fall River Barstool Sports Employee Who Said Cancel Culture Isn’t Real Went To A $63K A Year Boarding School, Is Insulated From Reality 


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John Feitelberg is a 31 year old Barstool Sports blogger from Fall River.

Some would say that he is the lucky sperm of John Feitelberg, the President of HUB International.

His grandfather Joseph Feitelberg founded a successful insurance/brokerage firm, and has been honored as a commencement speaker at UMass Dartmouth. His other grandfather, John H. O’Neil, was a well respected judge. He attended Portsmouth Abbey in Rhode Island for high school, where tuition for boarding students is $63,050, while the day tuition is a measly $39,810.

In other words, he’s had everything handed to him in life, he thinks “work” is writing blogs about Rihanna in his underpants, and his world view is limited because he’s seen so little of it. Naturally then he is the ideal content creator for Barstool Sports.

Last week former President Obama made headlines when he said that leftists pushing cancel culture aren’t fixing the problems they claim they want to solve. He was 1,000% right. Obama represents what liberalism used to be before it was hijacked by blue checkmarks on Twitter. Now AOC runs the show.

But according to Feitelberg around the 21 minute mark of this podcast, cancel culture isn’t a real thing. I explained why this is so idiotic on today’s podcast.


The only people who think cancel culture isn’t real are people who haven’t been cancelled, and people who are in the “in group” and thus aren’t in danger of being cancelled. Feitelberg hasn’t been cancelled, despite saying controversial things in the past, because he works for Barstool Sports. And for the most part Dave Portnoy isn’t going to fire employees because blue checkmarks demand it. But he’s done it before (Chris Spags, Francis Ellis), and he’d do it to Feitelberg in a second if he said the wrong thing. Fortunately for him he’s not in danger of ever saying anything interesting enough to get cancelled for.

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This is the difference between Turtleboy and Barstool. We have actual adults with actual grownup problems who understand how the world works. Portnoy employs college bros in their underpants who wake up at 9:30. Their biggest demographic is 18-24, which is mostly people who have no idea how the world works. Our’s is 35-44 followed by 25-34. People who work for a living, have families, pay taxes, and understand the reality of cancel culture.

Feitelberg did an interview with the Herald News last year that sums up his world view perfectly. These quotes say it all.

Everyone here more or less works for themselves so I guess I would say I’m the CEO of me.

In other words, he’s unaware of how lucky he is to work for a company that doesn’t fire people because they say controversial things, and therefore he’s unaware that cancel culture is a real thing.

Most weekends I’ll just lay on the couch and watch Netflix until I have to be at work again.

On Saturday I have two human beings who need my help to keep them alive. I have to do yard work, get groceries, and maintain the website because there are no days off at Turtleboy. Anyone who can afford to sit on the couch all weekend watching Netflix has no idea how the real world works.

This was a good one.

I think like a lot of media coverage these days, people notice it’s getting clicks so everyone picks up on it, with each subsequent outlet trying to one up the last headline and make it more inflammatory, then it spirals out of control and gets pretty ridiculous.

Oh, you mean like cancel culture? But wait, I thought that doesn’t exist?

Ironically Feitelberg works for an organization that has been victimized by cancel culture. Barstool had a show on ESPN that lasted one episode before a mob of blue checkmarks harassed the network until they agreed to drop them. They used to do “blackout” parties, in which college kids got drunk and had fun, but got cancelled because feminists said that it was rape culture.

Barstool employs Kirk Minihane now, and the only reason he’s there is because he was cancelled at WEEI by one man of no real significance, armed only with a gmail account. This man single handedly got multiple advertisers to drop their partnership with WEEI by bombarding them with misleading emails filled with intentional misinformation. Since then a guy who lied about graduating from Harvard and likely lied about his military service nearly got Minihane’s show cancelled with the help of another Barstool employee (Chaps).

Meanwhile, I invented cancel culture. I quit my job at Shepherd Hill because a mob of people bombarded the school with complaints about Turtleboy being an offensive blog. I had previously been suspended for 5 days after publishing a blog on my old website (AidanFromWorcester.com) because I said that 300 pound linemen for the Miami Dolphins can’t be the victim of bullying. Because I held these opinions I was cancelled as a teacher and can never go back (luckily I don’t want to). Then I started this blog and have lost countless advertisers, been blacklisted by Google AdSense and Twitter, lost over 40 Facebook pages with close to a million followers, and been sued multiple times in an attempt to silence my speech.

But yea, cancel culture isn’t real.

Off the top of my head the following other people have been victims of cancel culture, and I explain why in the podcast.

  • Colin Kaepernick (sorry, it’s undeniable)
  • Carson King
  • Roseanne
  • Shane Gillis
  • Bret Weinstein
  • Megyn Kelly
  • Kyle Kashuv
  • Steven Crowder
  • Brett Kavanaugh
  • Dean Ronald Sullivan

There’s millions more. They literally went through Kavanaugh’s yearbook because he’s too old to have old tweets dug up. Anyone who thinks cancel culture isn’t real is a moron.


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