Fall River City Councillor Whose Sibling Was Arrested With Jasiel Correia Is Largely The Reason Correia Is Still Mayor And Has Benefitted From That 


One thing that was interesting about the arrest of Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia by the FBI today, was that one of his co-conspirators Hildegard Camara, is the sister of City Councilor Joseph Camara. Camara also ran for Mayor in the March recall election, along with three other challengers, knowing full well that in doing so they were splitting the anti-Correia vote and enabling Correia to win without a plurality. And that’s exactly what ended up happening. 

I don’t know much about Fall River politics, but I know math, and I know that Paul Coogan would’ve won in a landslide if he was the only person running against Jasiel Correia. Over 60% of voters voted to recall Correia. If they were given the choice of two candidates those 60% of the people would’ve voted for whoever wasn’t Jasiel Correia.

In politics you know when you have no shot. And the bottom three candidates knew they couldn’t possibly win. Anyone who ran for Mayor besides Coogan was a moron who was enabling a Correia victory. Joe Camara is one of these morons, as he took 1,971 (14.5%) votes away from Coogan. Now his sister is working for Correia and lining her pockets with bribe money from marijuana vendors. And although allegedly disliked Correia’s leadership that much, he’s still pretty chummy with him.


The guy who knew he had no shot at winning, but ran anyway and thus ensured Jasiel would win, coincidentally has a sister who works for Juicy Jasiel and was making bank off of his corruption. Nothing to see here folks!

Let’s also point out that after Correia won the mayoral race in March, he removed Coogan from the high school’s building committee as punishment for running against him, but didn’t remove Camara even though he also ran against him and was on the same committee.

Less than 24 hours after Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II won his position back amid a recall election and federal charges he removed one of his challengers from the B.M.C Durfee High School Building Committee.

“We have a word down here for this – revenge politics,” Paul Coogan said in an interview with MassLive Thursday. “It’s not what’s best for the city it’s what’s best for the mayor.”

Joseph Camara, who also ran against Correia and sits on the committee, was not removed. Camara has said he will not run for mayor again in the fall.

I wonder why he punished one guy and not the other? It’s almost as if one guy did him a favor by running, and the other was perceived as a serious threat. Do I have any evidence the two of them conspired to make sure Jasiel won? No. But I do know that Camara’s family benefitted from it, as did Jasiel Correia, and since Fall River is clearly a cesspool of corruption I don’t put it past anyone to arrange a deal like that. You can reach your own conclusions, I’m just here to point out the undeniable facts.


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