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Fall River Grocery Store Owner Filmed Himself Throwing Smoke Bomb Into Capitol, Talking About Grabbing Nancy Pelosi By The Hair While Invading


In November I published a blog that was complimentary of a grocery store owner in Fall River named Mike St. Pierre after he refused to pay a fine from the Board of Health because his employees allegedly weren’t wearing masks in the back room.

I hereby retract anything nice I said about him though, because Mike is in fact a domestic terrorist who took part in the Capitol riots last week. For the last month or so he’s been posting about how Trump is still going to be President, and how he planned to go to Washington for the Stop the Steal protest.

These people are just so gullible and dumb, and Donald Trump preyed on their ignorance in his last two months in office, as he fed them lies and false hope about overturning the election. If you’ve ever found yourself counting on a deranged psychopath like Lin Wood for salvation then you have hitched your train to the wrong wagon. The man is talking openly about executing Mike Pence.

These are the idiots who thought the election was still up for grabs, so long as they barged into the Capitol and demanded it be so. But what they didn’t realize is that this is a federal crime and Donald Trump would not be paying their bail. The FBI is actively looking for people who were dumb enough to film themselves invading the Capitol, and Mike St. Pierre is one of those dumbasses. Here’s a compilation of videos he posted of himself marching through the streets towards the Capitol, bragging about how he wants to rush inside, grab Nancy Pelosi by the hair and twirl her around, and finally throwing a smoke bomb into the Capitol.

“Hopefully they bust through and I’ll join them. Rush the Capitol. Grab Nancy Pelosi by the hair. F***ing twirl her around.”

“We are almost in.”

He can’t even say it was spur of the moment. That was premeditated and this idiot narrated the whole thing. His motive was to go inside and assault the Speaker of the House. He threw an object into the Capitol where a cop was killed by these savages. He deserves to be in jail and is a traitor to our country. Donald Trump preyed upon people like this. What a horrible end to a great Presidency. Ultimately his ego won the day.

These people are an embarrassment. If you’re still in denial that Trump lost and Biden will be President then there is no hope for you. I do think the whole “insurrection” and “coup” thing from the left is overrated, since it lasted an hour, Congress went on with the vote afterwards, and ultimately they accomplished nothing because the military and police didn’t back them. But a cop was killed over a bunch of lies, and that boils my blood. Don’t tell me you back the blue if you throw smoke bombs and rocks into our nation’s Capitol building and participate in a riot that killed an officer of the law.


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