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Fall River Guttermuppet Starts GoFundMe Because She’s A Single Mom Even Though She Lost All Her Kids To DCF, Asks Strangers To Cosign Car Loan


The Fall River Guttermuppet is a legend who we still get messages about to this day. Here’s the first blog SSTG wrote about her in 2017. 

Cassandra Bosworth might be the hottest mess we’ve seen in a while.

Now, I had been following Cassandra since January when she popped up on Grew Up In Fall River asking an entire city if someone, all strangers, would co-sign a loan for her because her car got stolen.

Only it wasn’t stolen – the company had repossessed it.

Yesterday she got put on blast because she caught the eyes of Manny Moniz. We here on the  South Shore know how he feels about scumbags:

Her story started to unravel almost immediately with everyone’s and their mom having had a run in with her:

Now Cassandra says she was abused by her now-estranged husband Joshua Bosworth. He’s delicious isn’t he? He looks like a deep-fried gym sock.


I guess he’s moved on with another ratchet:


She doesn’t have custody of at least one of her three kids, is being evicted, has no job, and has open DSS cases.


She’s been “robbed at gunpoint,” asked Facebook what to do when her youngest was having a seizure instead of calling 911, was apparently was diagnosed with breast cancer on the same day she lost her dog, got in to a fight with her mom, and had her friend steal her other wallet. She’s her own Alan Jackson song!


We know all this because all she does all day is post her business on public forums all day.


Community groups, donation websites, she even started a Facebook group called “Your Feelings Matter!” where she is constantly going live to a group of strangers to cry about her life.

What’s a girl to do when life hands you all the free services the Commonwealth and Federal Government has to offer?

Duh. Start a Go Fund Me! 

She doesn’t work two full time jobs unless you consider collecting SSI and posting sympathy statuses all day as work.

She’s admitted to getting upwards of two cars already and never seems to pick them up.


Also: Two kids? She mentions three here:

She has said she is getting evicted for non-payment and then claims she’s got first and last for new digs when she’s not asking questions about the Homebase program.

But for someone getting evicted she sure has her priorities straight!

Now, I’m not saying it’s drugs but 🙄come on now. I’m sure that in ghettos everywhere that it’s some sort of guttermuppet aphrodisiac to lay on your sheets from Savers and give, what I call, the come-hither eye stank.

She’s one of those people, like the Plymouth Dumpsterslugs, that can’t get out of their own way and believe the lies they tell. It is everyone else’s problem that they are losers. Losers who use their status as parents to garner sympathy.

If these people spent half as much time looking for a job, as they did on Facebook crying poor mouth, they wouldn’t be on Turtleboy being the shame of the week.



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