Fall River Man Alleges Racism, Police Brutality After Being Arrested For Squatting And Assaulting Police, Claims To Have Seizure Whenever He Sees Police


Dreux Carroll is a Fall River native with many a Google trophy to his name.

His mother recently posted on several local community pages about how he was the victim of a hate crime perpetrated by the Fall River Police.

The poor guy was trespassing in someone else’s house, had the cops called on him, and then conveniently began to have a seizure right when the cops got there. Instead of helping him out the racist (probably) police began taunting and beating the hell out of him for the heck of it. Poor guy nearly choked himself to death until they put him in cuffs and brought him to jail. And she’s got the pics to prove it!


Poor guy got choked, slashed, cut, and even got a hickey for good measure. In Shrewsbury they call that the Steve Levine special.

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Except her story kept changing every time she told it.

Now it’s her brother, who only has seizures when he sees cops, which seems to happen a lot.

The next day he was back to being her son, and she blames pretty much everyone but him for what happened.

“This is why this city is such a mess.”

Imagine thinking that the reason Fall River is a slight upgrade from Satan’s bunghole is because of the cops? Or perhaps it’s the fact that it’s filled with people like Dreux Carroll who can’t stop breaking the law, see nothing wrong with squatting in someone else’s house, and pretend to have seizures every time they get arrested for assaulting a cop.

What she failed to mention is that the reason him and his fiend were arrested is because they were squatting in someone else’s house and they likely called the police. Shockingly when the cops got there they decided to arrest both of them, and pretending to have a seizure doesn’t protect him from that.

Here’s his version of events.

That is a sentagraph for the ages right there.

TL;DR – when the cops got there they should’ve made sure the trespasser (him) was OK instead of arresting him because he has seizures whenever he interacts with police. Of course what really happened was they wouldn’t open the doors at first, and when they finally did the girl he was shooting up with was arrested, but he chose to resist and assault the cops instead. And he’s cognitive of the fact that all he has to do is mention the words “black lives matter” and he can get tons of other people to jump on board.

this is all just a bunch of bullshit because a criminal got caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to do, but he knows that all he has to do is mention black lives matter and everyone will come to his defense.

But some people did notice that the “injuries” don’t match what he described happening.

He now claims that his jaw was wired shut and is looking for an attorney with no luck.

I’m shocked. Seems like a slam dunk case. Especially since the door to the home he doesn’t live in was open.

If the door is unlocked you get to live there now. Those are the rules in Fail River.


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