Fall River Man Who Harassed Dunkins Employees Takes Down Facebook Page After Being Confronted With Graphic Messages Showing Unfaithfulness, Wife Threatens Deformation Lawsuit


Earlier in the week we published a blog about a Fall River man named Brandon Pryor who attempted to shame and humiliate Dunkins’ employees in Bellingham by antagonizing them on video before playing the victim and posting the videos on Facebook. And all because they messed up his $3 sandwich.

After the blog was published people flooded his page and he removed the first video, which showed him acting like a douchebag towards the manager, and only kept the second video up of D Cup Desiree calling him a “broke ass bitch.” This of course made the Dunkins employees look bad, which was his goal. His wife Lanna was in the comments arguing with turtle riders, and the next day he posted a picture of himself outside of a casino to prove that he wasn’t a broke ass bitch after all.

Then today I received this message from a turtle rider about Brandon:

“A couple months back Brandon hit me up on snapchat saying he felt like I might be attracted to him. I told him he was crazy. I also told him as a new dad with a beautiful girlfriend he needs to focus on not messing up something he will regret his whole life. Now I’ve never heard of the rape talk at all, but he proceeded to send not only dick pics even when and many of them, but multiple videos of him beating his meat until there was cum flying all over his camera. I have never been so disturbed. He def has some issues. His kids mother is gorgeous, she’s a GOOD girl, not some fall river ratchet. I don’t want to put myself into this, name especially, but if he could go there with me, I can only imagine other perverted shit.”

In this line of work I say way too many dick pics.

Because Brandon was being a super douche I elected to copy and paste that message onto his page as he was ignoring me.

Shortly after that he messaged to voice his displeasure.

He was really confident before he found out I had the goods. But a couple minutes after I sent him a screenshot of him punching the clown he took the Dunkins video down and played the victim.

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The guy who sends strange women videos of himself masturbating and films and harasses minimum wage employees at work is here to lecture me about decency and leaving people alone.

“I didn’t post the video for attention.”

The entire point of posting the video and making it public was for attention, but OK champ. It’s funny how the moment someone finds out you have their schmenzer shots you’re all of a sudden no longer the confident and arrogant casanova you were five minutes ago. He then blocked me and took down his page.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.

While this was happening his wife Lanna was also messaging me, threatening deformation lawsuits.

She then attempted to justify his behavior and threatened to have me arrested for spreading false information and blackmailing, while attempting to blackmail me with arrest. You could tell she was conflicted after seeing the dicks pics and didn’t want to believe it was true, which is why she mentioned that there were no time stamps.

Oh no, not a lawsuit! No one has ever threatened that before!

That right there is a woman who desperately looking for a way to deny reality, but is unable to find a way out of it. She also took down her page after this convo ended.

The moral of the story here is that you shouldn’t draw attention to yourself and pretend that you’re a good person by posting videos of yourself berating working class people over a $3 sandwich, especially if you routinely send videos of yourself whipping up baby gravy to strange women on Snapchat. And whatever you do, don’t message Turtleboy with threats of lawsuits and dig yourself a deeper grave. I had no intention of doing this followup blog, but they insisted on poking the turtle so here we are.


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