Fall River Mother Of Teen Arrested For Running Over Cop On ATV Defends His Honor Alongside Ankle Bracelet Mafia


Fall River Reporter published a video over the weekend showing a Fall River police officer being carried over 100 feet by a 17 year old driving an ATV.

Just exterminate them all from the population. I don’t think I hate anyone as much as I hate grown men who ride ATVs on public streets. They are a plague that needs to get eradicated, and I would vote for any politician who makes getting rid of them their number one priority.

These winners were there to honor a fallen chudlump named Eddie Silva, who f***ed around and found out last week when he drove his motorcycle like a douche, crashed into a pole, and died.

Witnesses say that it was complete mayhem before the crash, as dozens of unregistered bikers drove around recklessly. Ironically Eddie commemorated one of his fallen homies last year for dying in a bike crash, and then honored his legacy by doing the same.

Because living is overrated.

Eddie’s biker gang homies commemorated him with t-shirts and an ATV candle light vigil on a public street that turned into madness. If you die, and this is how people celebrate your passing, then you pretty much wasted your brief existence on this planet. Also, if you’re a grown man who wears matching vests with your friends because you’re all in a Fall River biker gang together, then you are extremely gay.

That’s just science.

Eddie’s Biker gang boys, who were so lazy that they named themselves after 1990’s WWF tag team duo Legion of Doom, blocked off the road so that the cop in the video was alone and could not get backup. Then he got run over by some asshole 17 year old on an ATV whose name hasn’t been released because he’s a minor.

But I don’t mind naming and shaming a 17 year old, mainly because they are who they are at this point, but also because I like to shame their parents.¬†Jeremiah Alicea was arrested yesterday, and his mother was in the comments defending her son’s honor.

As you can see, Teen Mom Tammy resembles every local guttermuppet who has ever referenced their son in a Facebook post with, “Kayden is my King.” She has reproduced over the course of at least 4 Presidencies.

This appears to her oldest:

The shirt. Nuff said.

Kimberly Marie Perez insisted they arrested the wrong junior hoodbooger.

Honestly, if your kid was there and associates with people like that then he’s just as useless and shitty as they are, and you are just as much of a failure of a parent.

According to her the po-lease be “targeting my son all the time n harass him.”

Which only further makes me believe they got the right person. If getting “harassed” by the police is a regular occurrence in your child’s life, then he’s probably not gonna live to be 30 anyway. People get routinely “harassed” by the police because they routinely break the law and draw unnecessary attention to themselves in the process. Your son isn’t even a smart criminal, and he got the way he is because his mother is a horrible role role model whose boyfriend is in jail in Rhode Island for violent firearms offenses.

Then she started arguing with the officer’s husband.

If you want a good laugh just read all the comments from the ankle bracelet mafia on the Fall River Reporter’s Facebook post. Tons of winners blaming the cop for jumping in front of the ATV.



The cop didn’t jump in front of the ATV. He was standing in front of the ATV the whole time, assuming that even the lowest Fall River fungal chode wouldn’t hit the gas and run him over.¬† He was wrong. That’s no one’s fault except for the driver, and every single person who was there should be arrested and sent to jail for the rest of their lives anyway. But I guess it doesn’t really matter, because none of them are gonna live very long anyway, and the world will be better off as a result.


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