Fall River Mother Yells Racial Slurs, Attacks Bystanders She Accuses Of Being Turtleboy After Hitting 2 Cars While Drunk Just Feet Away From Getting Home


This is Joslynn Belanger from Fall River.

If Only Fans and Marlboro Reds had a baby, it would grow up to look like that. Sadly she actually looks better while black out drunk, which we found out after a video of her was sent to us, that Turtleboy somehow got dragged into. Before you watch it this is what happened:

  • Joslynn Belanger was drunk driving on Whipple Street when she sideswiped at least 2 cars, damaging both, and causing substantial damage to her front end which lost a tire
  • The videographer and his girlfriend came outside and attempted to help the woman call a tow truck
  • An unidentified woman she knew in another car urged her to drive away in order to avoid a DUI, but the car was not drivable
  • The woman who tried to convince her to do a hit and run said, “I’m outta here,” which Joslynn misheard as “f*** outta here”
  • This upset Joslynn so she challenged the woman trying to help her get away with a DUI to a fight while yelling racial slurs at her
  • The other woman drove away and Joslynn began picking a fight with the cameraman’s girlfriend and her grandmother, who had a baby with them
  • Joslynn attempted to attack the woman with the baby so the cameraman intervened, at which point he was assaulted and had the phone knocked out of his hands
  • The cameraman held Joslynn down to make sure she could not attack him or run away until the police arrived
  • Joslynn accused the the cameraman of being Turtleboy
  • The police and EMS arrived with a gurney, arrested her, and rolled her away while she continued to shout obscenities and racial slurs at anyone who would listen to her

(Click here to watch video if it doesn’t embed)

Your b**** is on f**ing Turtleboy.”

No she’s not dear, but you are.

“I hit a curb and I popped my tire.”

Yea, I don’t think that story is going to sell the way you think it does.

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Foreskinderella literally lived this close to the crash on Middle Street.

All she had to do was walk away, sleep it off, and avoid a DUI. But nope, she just had to go full ghetto raptor.

So many memorable quotes.

“B**** I can walk. I got money n***a, I’ll pay it.”

“I said yes thank you, but yes f*** out of here? You can get it. What’s up? Whoever said f*** out of here, what’s up? That f***ing rude ass b**** looking at me sideways. N***a I’m not…”

“Step to me n****a!!! Stop to me salty!!”

“That’s your HIV ho you f***ing junkie.”

“I’m gonna call the cops on you you faggot!”

“Alright jigaboo.”

When the police finally arrived she insisted that she was the victim and was assaulted by her neighbors, who she spit on and attacked.

“This bitch ass n***a punched me 3 times”

But the tape shows that it was actually Foreskinderella charging at an elderly woman and a mother holding a baby, like a honey badger protecting its den from a family of herbivores that meant it no harm.

“How bout you lock them up cuz they beat me?”

“I’m being arrested? Why, cuz they stood in front of my f***ing car?”

Did I mention she has an 8 year old son?

That’s some Fall River parenting if I’ve ever seen it. They actually named the poor kid TeeJay.

Not TJ, but TeeJay. As in “tee shirt.” Except with two capital letters for absolutely no reason. I’m surprised that she didn’t throw an apostrophe in there too, as man of her ilk are known to do. Tee’Jay.

Daddy apparently didn’t stick around.

I for one am shocked that a grown man with a collection of flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats did the pump and dump with his seed.

Someday when his rap career finally blows up he’ll repay all that child support she didn’t bother filing for. At least Mommy can add another Google trophy to her collection.


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