Fall River Woman Preys On Women’s Generosity By Lying About 4 Month Old Child To Get Free Car Seat, Then Selling It On Facebook


There are a lot of good people out there who want to help their fellowman during times of need. Unfortunately on Facebook yard sale pages these kind of people are preyed upon by con-artists and grifters, some of whom have been pulling the same scam for years. One of the most egregious is Jen Tivey from Fall Rivey.

And her scamming caught up to her today after she was caught selling a car seat that she acquired for free by pretending to have a friend with a 4 month old baby in need.

Jessica wasn’t lying. After initially putting the car seat for sale on Facebook, Jen Tivey reached out to her with a sob story. Being the decent human being that she is, Jessica helped her out. Jen saw this generosity and realized she could get more out of her than just a car seat too.

The amount detail she put into that story, and the fact that she was specifically looking for some items, tells you that this isn’t her first time scamming on Facebook.

After acquiring the car seat for free she shamelessly put it up for sale herself.

And as soon as the OP posted about it all the others who had been victimized by ghetto Regina George came forward as well.

Same story every time. Although the response to this one was perfect.

It’s $3. No that’s not negotiable. Because it’s $3. Kindly shut your DNA vacuum and give me $3.

If you search for her name on Facebook there are no shortage of posts of her selling children’s clothing and other child related products, despite not seeming to have any children of her own.

She’s been pulling this “my friend has a kid” scam for quite some time now.

She charges way too much too.

$40 for a “brand new” t-shirt from a stranger on Facebook? I can get unwanted name brand crap at Marshall’s for significantly less. Also, pro tip – if you’re going to advertise that a shirt is “brand new,” make sure the image you use isn’t a cropped picture of a Facebook profile picture you have on your page rocking that “brand new” shirt.

Purple hair is quickly becoming the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat for women.

She also runs her own cleaning “business.”

Yea, let the serial scammer into your house. What could possibly go wrong? It’s not like she’s a pathological liar who preys on people’s generosity and has been getting away with it for so long because prior to today no one has ever called her out on it.


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