Fall River Women Settle Dispute Over Incarcerated Baby Daddy In Unconventional Manner On Facebook


In 2017 two mothers aired their grievances online to determine who was the most ratchet woman in Fall River. As you can imagine, the competition was fierce.

This is Amber Jade.

And this is Tieonah Addington

And that’s about as good as you’re going to get in Fall River.

These fine upstanding got into a fight that was posted on the Threw Up In Fall River Facebook page by another woman named Shaina Rebello, but has since been taken down.

However, the drama leading up to this beatdown, which most Internet commenters seem to agree was won by Tieonah, had been building up for a while. Both women posted Facebook Live videos a couple weeks ago of themselves driving around the beautiful third world country known to locals as “The Riv”, talking poorly of the other and bragging about how the score would soon be settled. First was Tieonah, who drove around ripping Newports and announcing how this “stalking ho” isn’t enough of a ho to come and see her in the streets. Meanwhile Amber Jade was at Maplewood Park, claiming that Tieonah was dodging her because they were supposed to rendezvous there to settle their very important differences. (she seems to have sadly taken the video down, but based on her appearance you can imagine exactly what a woman like that sounds like while she’s on the hunt).


Unfortunately for society, Tieonah’s name has nothing to do with getting her tubes tied, and she has a small litter of offspring, as does Amber Jade, including a newborn. Naturally they share a baby daddy named Matthew Byrd, who they both claim to have current rights to.

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Matthew Byrd is a real winner, and definitely worth fighting over:

Shockingly Matthew Byrd is currently in jail, and both of his baby mommas visit him. According to Amber, she is the rightful baby momma champion, because her litter is slightly smaller than Tieonah’s:

But nevertheless, Tieonah apparently disagrees, and has expressed her opinion in graphic meme form.

Plus, she went to his court date.

And she claims she wants no troubles with the other individuals who previously had “beef” with her baby daddy, despite their advances.

However, Amber Jade is not giving up her “sexy dark chocolate” without a fight.

Amber Jade recently one-upped Tieonah by visiting him in the can while Tieonah was acting like a cultured Rhodes Scholar on Facebook, and attempting to deal with a newborn baby that was addicted to heroin.

This is how Amber celebrated mother’s day. By taunting the only woman in town who could possibly carry more venereal diseases than her.

Keep in mind, both of these women have multiple children, and neither of them is even remotely close to having custody of them. Nevertheless, the number one priority in their life right now is fighting for the honor of this man.

The question is, who is more ratchet? Tieonah loves the n word and men with flat brimmed hats.

She proudly displayed her section 8 apartment on Facebook, which of course was filled with books, maps, and culture.

Just kidding, the TV takes up 95% of the living room:

Because……..priorities. Don’t worry though, she can afford a nicer TV than you, but that doesn’t mean you should stop giving her government assistance.

She also can afford Jordan’s:

Because when you’re living the ghettofabulous high life, you have to pamper yourself sometimes.

When she does see her kids, it’s usually to take them for a nutritional meal at McDonald’s:

Now that her baby daddy is in prison, she is what is commonly referred to in Fall River as an “independent woman without a n word”.

She recently got a tattoo of the sick baby she brought into this world and has custody over.

She doesn’t like “sour bitches” who are insecure.

She has mastered the English language, and is a very effective communicator on social media.

After giving birth she went right back on the junkie diet of Cumberland Farms iced coffee and Newports, and has lost the weight so that she is now “where daddy like it.”

Daddy just can’t like it too much, because there are no conjugal visits at Bristol County House of Correction.

Her occupation is currently the “Full Time Mommy at Best Mother Ever.”

Of course being a mother is easy when the state only lets you see them once every two weeks.

She’s friends with Charlene Pimentel, who recently became Turtleboy famous for buying food stamps on Facebook in order to cut the operating costs for her chocolate penis cake business.

Tieonah is a self-described “bad bitch.”

Who recently received a Fall River makeover.

It’s like a commercial for a reformed Fall River prostitute – before, and way before.

A day before she filmed the Facebook Live video of herself hunting for Amber in the streets she claimed that Amber was stalking her house.

Not sure what the rest of that means, but it sounds important.

She claimed that she was not worried about this “bird ass dope fein wet soggy bag bitch” Amber, and in fact it was Amber who stayed worried about her:

Shortly after the Facebook Live video she once again visited Matthew Byrd in prison, and came home with a very important message to deliver to the haters.

How will anyone survive without the support of Matthew Byrd once he gets out of prison? That man is going places!

The drama continued as the weeks rolled along, and as usual periods and general punctuation were in short supply.

Tieonah is the superior baby momma because she pays her bills (via the taxpayers), has a “bangin summer body,” and communicates more with Matthew Byrd.

She also wants Amber Jade to “get off my p****.”

Because as she stated with that meme above, that particular organ is property of Matthew Byrd.

And she of course is a better woman because Amber does not have custody of her kids.

Completely ignoring the fact that she doesn’t either. But don’t worry, she gets to see them on Saturday.

It’s just in a padded room with a DCF employee holding a stopwatch.

Amber Jade on the other hand likes to show off her finest qualities.

Which of course consists of white high tops, tapered jeans, hoop earrings, and tittoos.

She’s sick of people calling DSS on her.

She’s really trying to establish by sharing as many pictures as possible, that she is the #1 baby momma.

Because “ain’t no n word/b**** coming in between what we got.”

She claims that once Matthew Byrd gets out of prison he’s going to be dropping his anchor inside her Battleship Cove.

Because “everyone out here knows” that her and Matthew Byrd are soon to be wed.

One of her lovely friends has offered to bring her pit bull to the fight once it inevitably happened.

And if Tieonah insists on speaking her name all the time, she may as well take her out for a roast beef curtains sandwich.

She enjoys taunting Tieonah.

As fight night approached they began to argue on Facebook about, something.

She believes that Matthew Byrd will ultimately choose her because, “Thick b****es got better p****.”

Anyway, the fight apparently happened a couple days ago. If you have the video, please send it. Tieonah is claiming she won, and Amber Jade is in full PR mode to prove to the world that these rumors are false.


Because when you don’t have custody of your kids, this is what you should be worried about.


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