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Family And Friends Defend Lynn City Councillor Caught Kicking Neighbor’s Cat On Surveillance Video, Son Also Alleges Abuse


This is Lynn City Councillor Wayne Lozzi.

Over the weekend a video of him kicking a cat on his porch was removed from several Lynn Facebook groups. Everyone was apparently protecting this guy because they said that it was a knee jerk reaction to protect his cat, and that Wayne needed protection from mean people on the Internet.


Here’s the video:

“Get out of heeeyah! If you wanna come back here I’ll give ya a good kick!”

That wasn’t a good kick? He Justin Tuckered that pussy to Saugus in his underpants.

It doesn’t matter if he was “protecting” his cat. He easily could’ve shooed it away, or just picked it up and tossed it. Instead he kicked someone else’s cat in the ribs, which could easily fracture bones.

Newsflash – if you let your cat wander outside, it’s gonna get into mischief. Cats are born to play with anything that moves. Don’t want your cat to play with neighborhood cats? Keep them inside. What he did was a dick move and it’s inexcusable. He also went right back inside and left his cat outside when it was over, so obviously he doesn’t give a shit about the cat’s well being.

This isn’t the first time he’s made headlines for animal abuse. A 2013 Lynn Item article highlighted the fact that he goes around the city with vegetable that he uses to cover goose eggs, which blocks oxygen from getting through the shell and smother the developing chicks inside. If you get rid of the eggs the goose will just lay more eggs, so he basically just aborts them, except the mother doesn’t realize that until the eggs never hatch. By then the egg laying season is over. I won’t pretend to know the ethical implications of this, as controlling the animal population is obviously necessary. But there’s just something about a man driving around with vegetable oil at all times, looking for goose eggs, that I find a little bit demented. Couple that with the cat kicking and I think we have a psychopath on our hands.

Nevertheless his daughter Beth tried simping for him, claiming that her brother shared the video in a group chat.

A knee jerk reaction is throwing the cat off the deck. He booted it as hard as he could and it went flying. But I guess since she says that “neither animal was injured” that it’s perfectly OK to go around kicking cats now. I wonder what would happen if a Lynn resident who wasn’t on the City Council did this.

Then his son Wayne showed up and spilled all the tea.

Well, that just escalated. I have no idea if Wayne really abused his son worse than he did the cat, as I don’t know either party. All I know is there’s a video of a City Councillor abusing an animal, and there’s really no excuse for it. He should be charged with animal cruelty, and anyone covering this up is just as bad as he is.

Editor’s Note: There is a follow-up to this story.


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