Family And Friends Defend Manchester Domestic Abuser With Transgender IG Filter Arrested For Pointing Gun At Woman And Breaking Her Wrist


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This is Noah Scanlon from Manchester.

As you can tell from “The Hat,” nothing good has ever come out of this filter-sexual.

On International Woman’s Day Noah got arrested for pointing a gun at a woman in December, and then fracturing her wrist by stomping on it in January.


And because this is Manchester there was no shortage of guttermuppets looking to associate themselves with a domestic abuser. First up was Tyler James Sweet.

Someone should really tell him that the white Somalian pubestache look isn’t the panty dropper that he thinks it is.

Venus Gallant offered up this grammar abortion in his defense.

I mean, that’s at least an attempt at the English language. Not a very good one, but I was honestly expecting worse.

Next up came a woman with perhaps the most ratchet name ever bestowed upon a human being.

This is exactly what I imagined someone named Mersadese would look like.

Because Shevrolay and Boobaru were already taken. When it gets cold she can lay down on the ice and the Olympic curling team can play a couple rounds on her stomach.

Mersadese was there to defend the honor of a woman named Breezy, who was accused of faking a pregnancy with Filter McFuckface and feeding her spawn shots of alcohol.

Breezy allegedly brings her son with her to vandalize other people’s property, and she named the poor little guy Jaymeson, presumably because Hennysey was too cliche. 

Right on cue Breezy Dube appeared in the comments to defend his honor as well. 

“He’s helped raise a child who isn’t his.”

If this isn’t the patron saint of single motherhood then I don’t know who is.

Noah Scanlon is a good guy according to Breezy because he’s “raising” her young son that another flat brimmed guy with a pubestache most likely pumped and dumped on her.

Since the guy who dumped a hot batch of baby gravy in her wasn’t around she needed someone to fill the void, in more ways than one. Naturally she picked the guy with the transgender Instagram filter who goes around shooting guns outside of elementary schools at 3 in the morning with preschool teachers. According to Brad Scanlon that also never happened.

“Whoever you heard that from false news right there.”

We heard it from the fake news source known as “the po-po.”


I expected nothing less from a guy whose biggest life accomplishments are once acquiring $265 in mid-grade weed proceeds, and changing his profile picture to the nectar of the hoodrat.


According to Breezy and Brad his crimes were all in the past and he was reformed now.

“Here we go with the past.”

Pretty sure it’s not in the past if he’s pulling guns on chicks and stomping on their wrists until they fracture. One needs to only do a cursory look on his Facebook page to realize that Filter McFuckface’s past is also his present. Generally it’s not a good sign when you’re threatening rats, bragging about having felony warrants, getting out of jail, shouting out to your homies in cell block D, and “beating that violation,” all while the police “steady watching” him because he “keep that glock on me.”

Definitely the kind of guy you wanna turn into weekend Dad.

They’ve already given the kid a flat brimmed hat. Someone please call the DCF Fairy because that’s grounds for a 51A.

It’s not Noah’s fault he likes to beat up women and point guns at them because his assless girlfriend cheated on him with her more well endowed ex.

Filter McFuckface is hardcore – nobody messes with him.



And just in case you thought he couldn’t be a bigger waste of space, he thinks cops are pussies when criminals attack them and then shoot them with their own guns.

He’s going to be so embarrassed by these posts by the time he’s 40.

LOL. Just kidding. There’s no way he’s gonna live be 40.

Finally his brother Zach showed up to set the record straight.


Who wore it better?

If you flipped him upside down you could eat clam chowder out of his head.

Bob Bowl wasn’t there to defend his brother so much as he was there to make it clear that he’s swimming in poongtang and could kick anyone’s ass.

No one messes with the skinny jean bowl cut mafia.

No one.

Zach is of course an aspiring rapper.

His hit song “Silence” unfortunately offers no silence, and seems to be nothing more than a grown man crying about how much he hates himself.

Then there was “bad idea” which was a really bad idea to make.

Despite making sappy break up music MC Feelings still pretends like he’s some sort of gangsta rapper engaged in “rap beef.”

Bruh, you make sappy break up music and your life goal is to work with Billie Eilish.

You will never be involved in anything remotely resembling rap beef, unless you come on the Live Show this weekend and get roasted. Nor will anyone ever feel scared of the prospect of you punching them in the jaw.

Christopher Scanlon is apparently their Dad, and isn’t at all embarrassed by his two sons, even though their online behavior is a direct reflection of his failures as a parent.

I’m just as shocked as you are that these two winners know who their father is.

Mom was exactly as I expected though.

A Kaz Bar 7 if I’ve ever seen one. But I guess she wouldn’t let her poor domestic abusing son live with her when he got out of jail.

Sorry, but it’s hard to consider anyone like this a victim when you get involved with dirtbags like this.



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