Family Raises Money For Woman Who Killed 2 PA State Troopers After Being Stopped Driving 110 MPH, Previously Boasted About Drunk Driving Skills


SourceThe woman charged with killing two Pennsylvania state troopers and a man walking along Interstate 95 early Monday had a blood alcohol content level twice the legal limit, sources told NBC10 on Thursday. Jayana Tanae Webb, 21, of Eagleville, Montgomery County, is still jailed after a judge initially denied her bail this week. Webb was driving with another woman, who has not yet been identified, when she allegedly crashed into troopers Martin Mack III and Branden Sisca and another man, Reyes Rivera Oliveras, who the troopers were trying to help off Interstate 95 near the stadiums in South Philadelphia. All three men were struck and killed by the impact of the crash. The radio dispatch audio shows in real-time how first responders learned of the extent of the suspected drunken driving crash early Monday morning.

“Yeah, it looks like a trooper might be down, they’re doing CPR on him right now,” a person said on one of the recordings.

“Looking at at least three down, uh, one trooper, two troopers down,” the person on the audio said.

Webb remains in jail ahead of an April 5 hearing on charges that also include second-degree manslaughter of a law enforcement officer and vehicular homicide while driving under the influence.

Law enforcement authorities have revealed very little about where Webb was before the troopers initially pulled her over. Sources told NBC10 that Mack and Sisca had just pulled over Webb when they received a call about a man who was walking on the highway. They then left Webb as they responded to the man, later identified as Oliveras. As the troopers tried to get him into their vehicle, Webb allegedly drove up to the scene and tried to use the shoulder of the highway to get around them. During her first court hearing this week, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office said Webb gave a post-Miranda Rights statement to officers that she had been drinking “strawberry Henny” — referring to Hennessy Cognac — prior to the crash.

On March 21, 2022, about 12:45 a.m., just before the fatal crash, Webb tweeted, “Why the cop pull me & he say im doing 110 ina 50 😭😭😭😭” Police have said that Webb’s car had been stopped by troopers before the crash.

On March 20, 2022, Webb tweeted, “When it come to a drink ? Ima have ittttt!!!!!!” She tweeted several times in February about drinking, tweeting February 23, “I always have an urge to get drink..this is getting out of hand….”

This is such a crazy story. They pulled her over for driving 110 mph, got word that up ahead was another guy walking in the middle of the highway, then told her to wait as they drove ahead and dealt with that guy. This caused gridlock on the highway, and instead of staying put this idiot drove at a high rate of speed towards them, tried to go around everyone on the shoulder, and ended up killing them all.

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf both expressed their condolences and praised the police for the dangerous job they do, where their lives can be taken in an instant. Yet they both proudly stood with the communist street rioters known as “black lives matter” as they generalized police officers as racist, bloodthirsty killers who needed additional legislation that would make it harder for them to do their job. They both pushed for more lenient sentences to keep people like Jayana Tanae Webb out on the streets by pushing the false narrative that this country incarcerates too many black people. Their faux sympathy should be rejected by law enforcement officers everywhere.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Hennessy apparently deleted the tweet after she was initially pulled over while driving drunk, but why she didn’t take her whole account down is beyond me.

This one turned out to be fake news:

Fact check – no you’re not.

Her account is a cornucopia of ratchetry, and eerily similar to Massachusetts State Rep Liz Miranda’s account.


And of course this Philly Skank and Cheese’s last Facebook post glorified the nectar of the hoodrat.

Where the Hennessy flows, the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat lingers close behind.

When she wasn’t getting blackout drunk, killing innocent people, or complaining about how she doesn’t like “soft n words,” she was on social media trying to be the next bootleg Kardashian.

Meanwhile her trashbag family started a GoFundMe for her that was taken down, so they’re raising money via Cash App now.

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase “Only God can judge,” it’s likely because people were justifiably casting judgment upon you for being a tittooed trash donkey.

Latisha Bazemore also compared herself to Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mom:

Except Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t break any laws, the people he killed in self defense were criminals trying to kill him, and the world is a better place thanks to his sharp shooting vigilantism. Jayana Tanae Webb killed 3 innocent people because she didn’t want to be inconvenienced and had a reckless regard for human life.



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