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Family Reports 36-Year Old Nashua Woman Missing 5 Days After “She Was Supposed To Bring Trash Out”, Is Raising Money For Gas Gift Cards And Snacks

36-year-old April Bailey was last seen by her family on January 15th. Per a statement released by Nashua PD:



To help identify the woman, Nashua Police release this photo, which looks oddly like a mugshot:


So there’s that. Her family is now asking for help via a Facebook fundraiser with a super ambitious goal of $200, for, “Flyers,paper,water,snacks,gas cards, and any cash donation will be put towards these things and the advertisement we still have to done because of cost that the family don’t have. Please if anyone can help and any way we could really use it.”

Wait. Hold on a minute, and let’s get this straight. This woman runs out to take the trash out on January 15th, wearing nothing but pajama pants and slippers, and doesn’t come back. In the middle of January, in New Hampshire. With none of her personal belongings.


And the family says, “No big deal”, and waits 5 days to report her missing. Because….reasons.


Maybe there’s a longstanding family history of trips to buy cigarettes taking 15-20+ years there? I don’t know, that’s just speculation on my part. Just seems sort of odd to wait that long, and then two weeks later dive headfirst into arbitrary fundraising goals. This story is still developing, but I’m placing my bet right now – something isn’t right here. Does something seem odd to anyone else, or is it just me?

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