Family Starts GoFundMe To Rally Behind Registered Sex Offender Who Shot At Springfield Police Before Killing Himself In Sunoco Bathroom


We’d like to pass along a GoFundMe for a very worthy cause.

Poor Daniel Buck/Santos. Seemed like a charming young lad. How did he pass?

“Whatever decisions and actions led up to this.”

Surely they must be referring to not wearing a seatbelt, or perhaps being struck by a car while helping a little old cross the street. I know the fact that his daughter is listed after his mother, father, brother, and sister, sure isn’t a red flag that he owes a mortgage worth of child support.

Also, the cover photos featuring “the hat,” ankle bracelets, wife beater/oversized belt buckle combos, and possible day shift stripper, are likely signs that he was a law-abiding, taxpaying, contributing member of society.

No doubt he was going to open up his own barbershop any day now. Just as soon as the court let him take off that ankle bracelet.

So what happened to young Daniel Buck?

MassliveA man who opened fire on police in a Forest Park gas station and then shot himself in the head while barricaded in the business’ bathroom, was a Level 2 sex offender who had been arrested multiple times for kidnapping, car theft and breaking into cars. Daniel Buck, 29, of Southbridge, had been arrested twice in seven months between October 2015 and May 2016 in Western Massachusetts for a variety of offenses including stealing a car when an 8-year-old boy was inside, the Republican reported previously.

Republican stories show Buck had addresses in Wilbraham, Ludlow, Chicopee and Springfield and had been charged in crimes such as receiving stolen property, motor vehicle larceny, possession of heroin and failing to register as a sex offender. He more recently was living in Southbridge and was involved in a domestic altercation in that town shortly before midnight. Police there contacted Springfield officers early Tuesday morning asking them to be on the lookout for Buck.

“Southbridge Police stated the man was possibly in possession of a loaded firearm, he was arrestable and possibly suicidal,” said Ryan Walsh, police spokesman.

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I for one am shocked that the career criminal sex offender who has run afoul of so many communities would end up in a place like Southbridge. Although, to be honest, if there was a mascot for Southbridge, this would be it.

He might as well have Southbridge tattooed on his forehead. Although I don’t want to assume they pronouns.

At about 3 a.m. officers received information that Buck was at the Sunoco Gas Station on 730 Sumner Ave. and arrived to see him buying something from a cashier, he said. Officers entered the building with their service pistols drawn and ordered him to show his hands. Buck repeatedly ignored orders, pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots at police but missed them. Officers returned fire and Buck backed into a corner of the store. He fired another round at the four officers and then ran into a bathroom, locking the door, Walsh said.

After escorting the female clerk out of the building to safety. Tactical officers entered the store and about 90 minutes later found Buck dead from what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He had also been struck by police gunfire, he said.

I guess you could say…..

Some of his other arrests indicate that Daniel was a criminal mastermind.

While driving a stolen Honda Civic in October 2015, Buck led police on a high-speed chase into Connecticut that was aborted when he reached speeds in excess of 100 mph. Later that day he was arrested by Chicopee Police after loss prevention officers caught him trying to steal Red Bull from the Big Y supermarket.

What do you do after successfully evading police by crossing state lines in a stolen car? Re-enter that state later in the day, head to an densely populated area where you are more likely to encounter police, and steal a Red Bull from a grocery store. Pure genius.

Police then learned Ludlow Police also had a warrant for his arrest charging him for the theft of two Honda Civics and other crimes. Both cars had been taken outside a store on 320 East St. when the owners left them running while entering the store. The thefts occurred on Sept. 28 and Oct. 9, Republican stories said.

Of course he exclusively steals Honda Civics. Because, of course he does. 

Detectives were able to identify him after finding a Walmart receipt inside one of the stolen Hondas and reviewing surveillance video from the store.

  • Willing to steal a car but not items from Walmart.
  • Leaves a receipt in a stolen car that acts as a bread crumb trail for cops to track him down.
  • Makes sure to style his hair so that he’ll be easily recognizable.

Daniel Buck truly is one of the great criminal masterminds of our time.

He was also charged in a recent rash of vehicle break-ins in Longmeadow at the time of his arrest, the Republican reported. Seven months later, in May 2016, Buck hopped into a Ford Escape that a woman had left parked and running with her child inside while she stopped at a convenience store on Center Street in Ludlow. He and a second person did stop and let the child out of the car a short distance away, the Republican reportedHe was arrested several days later in Holyoke in the car and charged with receiving stolen property and possession of heroin. Ludlow police also charged him in the vehicle theft and kidnapping.

Sells heroin, kidnaps children, steals cars, and shoots cops. How will the community ever survive without Beetlejuice Jenner breathing our air?

His family and friends seem like great people who really have their priorities in order as well.

I can’t fathom how someone whose street name was “psycho” would end up dead before the age of 30. Seems like a high percentage nickname.

Great point. There’s nothing more “gangsta” than shooting yourself in the head in a Sunoco bathroom. And when I die I would hope that the most memorable experiences I had with family included that time we got tatted up while high out of our minds.

And if white people aren’t using the n word in my obituary, while bragging about the “dirt” we made together, then did I really live at all?

With family members like this, I can’t imagine how someone would fall into this sort of lifestyle.

Sounds like Kris Buck is really shaken up over this.

This is the woman who started the GFM.

She’s in love with a sex offender. Her creepy “Uncle” Jeff must’ve done a number on her.

Nikki is suggesting that this is a coverup.

Nikki, I know a woman in West Warwick you can contact who will explain to you how to file a complaint and have the cops investigated.

How old were you when you fell in love with him anyway?

She was 14 when you started dating him, and they were together for 9 years. He’s 29, so that means 9 years ago he was 20. I’m not saying that he bore a crotch fruit with the same girl who is the reason he’s a registered sex offender, but that would be a pretty standard Southbridge love story.

Also, maybe I forgot to carry a 1, but I didn’t get the same numbers they did.

Thots and shares.


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