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Father Of 2 Year Old Girl Who Died In Whitman Blames Everyone But Himself Despite Pursuing Rap Career And Going To Jail Instead Of Being A Dad


Who remembers this winner?

That would be Joe Amoroso, the sperm donor who impregnated Bella Bond’s drug addicted mother, never even attempted to become a part of his daughter’s life, and then showed up when the cameras were rolling, looking to throw himself a pity party once Bella was discovered to be dead in 2015.

Now who remembers these two?

That’s Jessica Conway and some guy with an ankle bracelet who knocked her up, after their biological daughter Avalena Conway died in an Auburn foster home in 2015.

What do both of these situations have in common? Both kids would be alive today if their parents were there for them, but in both situations the media treated them as the victims, with DCF as the villains.

Well, it happened again in Whitman this week.

Brockton EnterpriseA young father is speaking out after his two-year-old daughter was found in her mother’s Whitman home unconscious, battered and bruised, clinging to life as she was brought by helicopter to a hospital in Boston, where she ultimately died after being taken off life support on Tuesday. The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office and the state Department of Children and Families are investigating the death of the toddler, identified by family members as Lyric Farrell, after Whitman police received the initial 911 call for an unresponsive child at an 863 Washington St. home around 12:02 a.m. on Saturday. 

Lyric’s father, Christopher Farrell, 29, of Boston, remembered the little girl for her ability to light up a room with her smile. Farrell blamed the 29-year-old mother of the child, who gained custody of Lyric about four or five weeks ago, after the two-year-old lived in foster care most of her life, most recently under the guardianship of her grandmother.

“She was the most beautiful kid I’ve ever seen,” said Christopher Farrell, reached on Wednesday afternoon. “She always lit up the room. She walked in and her smile was crazy.”

Authorities did not announce any charges against anyone as of mid-afternoon on Wednesday in connection to Lyric’s death.

“The investigation is ongoing,” said Stone, in an email on Wednesday.

Christopher Farrell said his daughter was found with head trauma and bruises, claiming that they were caused by the mother, who had a total of seven kids. Those children were all removed from the Washington Street home and are in the custody of DCF, which said it continues to investigate. Farrell said he and the mother had a short but troubled relationship, marked by accusations of domestic abuse against him, which he denies. Farrell said Lyric was their only child together, and Farrell said he believes the mother harmed the two-year old as a form of revenge against him.

“I’m very upset,” Farrell said. “There is no way these are self inflicted wounds. … It was one motive and one motive only – harm Chris’s heart.”

If people like this were as good at anything as they are at reproducing, they might actually find a way to become productive, somewhat functional members of society.

A lot of people are blaming DCF for this, and justifiably. DCF never should’ve put this girl in a home with 6 other kids with a mother who was barely a mother to begin with. It’s happened way too many times.

But there wouldn’t even be a need for DCF to exist if parents just did their job. And the two people who deserve more blame than anyone are the sewer guppies who refused to use the Turtleboy birth control method (the forehead), and brought a child into the world that they had no intention of caring for.

Not one media outlet has even reported the name of the mother, who seems to be relevant to this story since her baby died and was covered in bruises. Also, Fox 25 News has reported that she was just found guilty of domestic assault on the baby daddy himself.

Just days before her child’s death, Lyric’s mother was found guilty of domestic assault charges related to a domestic assault case involving Chris Farrell. Court records show Lyric’s mother was charged with assaulting Christopher Farrell with a glass bottle and an aluminum baseball bat for an incident in Boston in September. Lyric’s mother was found guilty and sentenced to 18 months probation and ordered to wear a GPS tracking device in mid-December. Other charges had been filed against her, but were ultimately dropped.

“She’s walking around out here, with a bracelet, a GPS monitor bracelet for assaulting me,” said Chris Farrell. “It’s red flags everywhere you look at her. I can’t get no help from nowhere.”

But the sperm donor isn’t a victim here. You have to be a special kind of degenerate to lose a custody battle to a mother of 7 who just got convicted of assaulting YOU! Yet the media is presenting him like a loving father who fought like Hell to get his crotch fruit back, only to get screwed over by the system. Listen to how they treat him on WBZ.

If something like this happened to me I would be inconsolable. This guy’s less upset than Mrs. Turtleboy was when I didn’t DVR Pretty Little Liars.

“I gotta wake up and deal with this every single day of my life now.”

Don’t worry, it will be like every day of your daughter’s life before she died – you won’t see her. Sure, if you were a responsible adult you could’ve been there to protect her like a father should, but let’s not forget that you’re the victim here.

“She’s so funny, she always wanted to be around me.”

Yea, too bad you couldn’t find a way to make that happen. Let’s check out his Facebook page to see if we can see what he was doing to get her back from the DCF fairy.

Sounds productive.

Many of his posts require a Masters Degree in Ratchetese to interpret.

Others I can somewhat decipher.

Sounds like he believes that such upstanding citizens as punchi, idol, ace, heffna, and big shells should no longer be incarcerated. And since he just got out of jail he can be their advocate on Facebook now.

If you’ve ever referred to a period of incarceration as a “quick lil 2 ina half months,” then you almost definitely have dreams of becoming a professional rapper. And shockingly this 29 year old man fits that stereotype.

A man about to turn 30 who lives in Boston and calls himself “Young Country.” That makes sense. Taking time out of his busy schedule to make that video seems like a much more important thing to do than to try to get your life together and get your kid back.

He usually takes the winter off from seeing his kids, but once the weather starts getting nicer he give them a call.

February is overrated anyway.

He sounds like he really respects women in general.

Great role model for a young daughter.

Take a wild guess how he feels about the police.

He doesn’t care for “rat a** b****” and subscribes to the belief that they “needa get kilt.”

I remember getting that speech from my Dad during “the talk.” Who hasn’t?

He also announced in 2017, after a custody dispute didn’t got the way that he hoped it would, that “im a kill somebody b4 I die.”

Posts like that are a great way to show the judge you’re serious about being a father.

Also, referring to your crotch fruits (multiple) as “we da gang” is perfectly normal.

Well done Boston and local media. Once again you have turned a deadbeat Dad into a victim while failing to point out that his failure to be there for his daughter was a big reason she died in the first place.


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One Comment

  1. You do realize that you’re missing KEY facts in your cute little tale right? You took a news story and ran with it. And you’re supposed to be a blogger? A reporter? More like a sad excuse for both. Sit back & let me educate you, and your little followers, since you didn’t take the time to actually research anything yourself!

    1) Lyric Farrell, and her siblings, were removed from BOTH parents because of the domestic violence accusations she kept making against him (8 to be exact) as well as the assault that occurred at his place of employment.

    2) the father, Chris Farrell, aware that because of the false reports he would not be able to take his daughter made the decision to call on his mother who resided in Florida to move to Boston so she could take over custody of Lyric WHILE they BOTH fought to make the situation permanent.

    3) after the sad excuse for a mother, Shaniqua Leonard (which by the way proves that you did no research at all because he’s literally been ranting about this woman, used names and all 🙄) completed DCF’s bullshit courses, they took the baby from THE FATHERS MOTHER & put the child back into the mothers care. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK……. Chris did not lose a custody battle with the mother. DCF TOOK THE BABY FROM CHRIS’ MOTHER (who is an upstanding citizen, works in the medical field, and took great care of the baby) AND GAVE THE MOTHER HER PARENTAL RIGHTS BACK!

    4) Chris and his mother fought with DCF, provided texts and proof that the mother was mentally unstable (she literally texted them and made a direct threat to the baby!) but DCF told them the texts would not hold up in court and there was nothing they could do to help him.

    5) the baby was only in the mothers care for mere weeks before she was killed. Why did you make it seem like the mother had her for this long extended period of time and he was just not fighting for her?

    If theres anything i cant stand. Its a troll who has a little bit of followers and think they’re doing something with their lives. This whole tale you just told is pathetic. You chose to defame a father who Is grieving the loss of his daughter due to the actions of the only other person in this world other than him whos obligation it is to take care of that baby!

    What he posted on social media has nothing to do with his daughters death.

    Why he went to jail and for how long has nothing to do with his daughters death.

    His views about the police and the law in general has nothing to do with his daughters death (There are plenty of Law abiding people who Feel the same way, me being one of them!)

    The fact that he chose to produce music has nothing to do with his daughters death.

    Try to do better next time. Research! Actually report the truth before you defame someones character! I used to be a fan! But this was very disappointing.

    – a person who researched.

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