Father Of Pregnant Nashua Crack Dealer Sends Death Threats, Demands We Take Blog Down On Daughter, Backpage Partner Fills Out The Form For Abi 


Death threats are pretty normal for me as the owner of Turtleboy Sports and TB Daily News. The goal of people who threaten me is to force me into self-censorship through the use of fear and intimidation. And although I take each threat seriously, I will never capitulate to their demands, and I will expose each and every person who thinks it’s OK to do something like this. Today I got a threatening phone call from this phone number.

The man on the other end was Joseph Moudarri, the owner of POS Profits, who was using his business phone number to harass and threaten me. He informed me that his daughter Kiana Moudarri was recently featured in a blog written by MVTB on Turtleboy, and in a cleaned up version on TB Daily News.

Mr. Moudarri informed me that he wanted the blog taken down but I told him that I found no reason to do so since his daughter was recently arrested for selling crack cocaine in a Nashua apartment while 7 months pregnant.

She’s also been arrested for trying to run over a cop with her child in the back seat, counterfeiting, selling drugs, warrants, and a whole bunch more. Despite being born and raised in Tyngsboro, she presents herself as some sort of urban gangsta.

If that were my daughter I’d be too embarrassed to show my face publicly, due to my colossal parenting fail. At the very least I’d bow my head in shame and pretend like we weren’t related.

Not Joseph Moudarri though. He’s a real tough guy.

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Guido Dave Matthews had two major beefs with me:

  1. MVTB referred to his grandchild (the one who was in the backseat when she tried to run over a cop) as a crotch fruit
  2. The blog contained a screenshot of his daughter’s backpage ad, which he claimed showed her a la mode.

We are guilty as charged in regards to the crotch fruit allegations, but I told him this was not grounds to remove the blog since I refer to my own children as crotch fruits. As for the second allegation, there are no noodz to be seen.

She put the ad on backpage, advertising herself and her friend as 19 year olds whose bodies were for rent. I saw no reason to take it down since it added context to the lawless lifestyle that Kiana Moudarri has been leading for years now. He didn’t like this answer, told me I would regret it, said he was going to come to Worcester to see me face to face, and then an hour later I got this text message from a burner number.

Obviously that’s him, but he’s just too cowardly to continue to threaten me with his real phone number.

Pro tip – if you must send me death threats and don’t want me to know it’s you, then please wait at least 48 hours after your first death threat before downloading a burner app to threaten me again.

He wasn’t the only one upset either. The other woman in the backpage ad also contacted the page, spoke with Desk Girl Abigail Horowitz for a while, filled out the form, and wasn’t satisfied with the results. (This might be Deskie’s finest work yet).

The reference number was a nice edition.

Another defender named Summer Pashay on Facebook messaged the page and I answered this time.

She’s also on Kiana’s page, defending her behavior and criticizing the Nashua Police for arresting a pregnant crack cocaine saleswoman. Then again, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do now that Backpage is no longer a thing.

The bottom line is that I will not be intimidated into silence. We do a public service by exposing individuals like this who hurt law abiding citizens with their ratchet behavior. I will not censor my bloggers because it hurt the feelings of a father who clearly hasn’t invested much time in parenting his daughter. Perhaps if he spent half as much time parenting as he did acting like a tough guy then Kiana wouldn’t be on TB Daily News in the first place.


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