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Feminist Mother Claims She Was Blackmailed Into Sexually Assaulting Her Baby Son, Lectures Others About Oppression


To read NSTB’s impassioned take on this horrific story click here

Last week during Bristol’s riveting live show about the virtues of modern day feminism a woman named Erica Emerling showed up in the comments to voice her displeasure about the way the show went.

However, if you’re going to lecture other people about how you are oppressed, then you should probably make sure you weren’t arrested last year for heinous crimes against your own child:

A New York man is accused of attempting to blackmail a Berkshire County woman into performing sex acts on an 18-month-old boy by pretending to be two people using different online identities. Gary P. Montana, 32, of Hudson, and Erica Emerling of Pittsfield, 29, are each charged with raping and assaulting the child as well as posing him in sexual acts. Yorlano said Montana, posing as a man named “Brian,” began corresponding with Emerling online. Over time, despite never having met “Brian,” Emerling considered herself in a relationship with him. At some point, she sent “Brian” compromising photos. It was unclear from information presented in court whether those photos only featured Emerling or whether there were also photos of the child.

Pardon me, but I’d rather not be lectured about feminism by a woman facing charges of performing unspeakable sex acts on her own child, after voluntarily sending compromising pictures to a complete stranger. But that’s just me.

It gets worse….

“Brian” had made arrangements with Emerling to spend New Year’s Eve together at a Pittsfield motel. “Brian” told her that his brother, “Mike,” would pick up her and the boy and take them to the motel. “Mike” was Montana’s second alleged alias. Once at the motel, “Brian” texted Emerling and said he wouldn’t be able to make the trip, but convinced her that she should sleep with his “brother.”

She was planning on sleeping with a complete stranger she met online and considered her boyfriend. When he said he couldn’t make it he told her to sleep with his alter ego instead, and naturally she said yes. This is allegedly what modern day feminism is supposed to be.

Then it got more twisted….

The next day, “Brian” again contacted Emerling and allegedly told her that she needed to perform sex acts on the boy, otherwise he would make the photos she had sent him public. Montana, posing as “Mike” allegedly filmed the incident. A few days later, “Brian” allegedly convinced Emerling to perform sex acts with the child again by threatening to blackmail her, but this time it was broadcast live via Facebook, Yorlano said. 

She is not a victim here. This was not a choice. If someone threatens to post naked pictures of you on the Internet if you don’t sexually assault your own child, then you let them post the pictures of you. The pain you’ll feel from being publicly humiliated is nothing compared to the long lasting pain and psychological issues your child will suffer.

To make matters worse, by the looks of her Facebook pictures she had another baby.

But yet she still portrays herself as the victim.


She’s a victim of domestic abuse because she was blackmailed by a predator.

Anyone who would even consider doing this to their 18 month old son is beyond rehabilitation. The fact that she even considers what she did some sort of Sophie’s Choice is disgraceful. She didn’t have to choose between one kid living and the other kid dying. She had to choose between personal embarrassment for herself and a lifetime of pain and trauma for a child who looks to her for love and nurturing.

She should be in jail, but instead she’s facing charges and was released on no bail because she played the victim card. This is everything that is wrong with our legal system, and I couldn’t be prouder that people like this don’t like what we do.


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