Feminist Sports Talk Radio Host Craps On Kirk Minihane After He Comes Clean About Suicidal Thoughts And Mental Health 


Kirk Minihane announced over the weekend that he was taking time off for his mental health.


I wish Kirk the best. As much as Minifans will miss him and need him for their daily entertainment, his wife and two kids need him more. A lot of people think that Kirk’s animated, overly excited shtick is an act, and I always wondered myself. I can tell you from being on the Gerry Callahan podcast and getting to kind of know Kirk that he is exactly the character he plays on the podcast. And when you’re that irritable all the time it’s not healthy.

Luckily Minihane’s received overwhelming support from Barstool and his fans. Everyone on the Internet had good things to say about him, except for this woman:

Julie Dicaro is a sports radio host in Chicago, and happens to be quite possibly the least fun person on the Internet. She was featured in the most cringeworthy video of all time with Sarah Spain, in which some actors read mean tweets people sent them so they could cry about how hard it is to be a woman on the Internet. As if men don’t regularly have the same thing happen in their mentions.

Keep in mind, these women have hundreds of thousands of followers and blue checkmarks. Turtleboy has significantly less and we get much, much, much worse than being told to suck d or wish our dog gets hit by a car. These are influential people focusing on meaningless words from basements dwellers with three followers, and they’re using it to victimize themselves.

“I hope your boyfriend beats you.”

(Sarah Spain sighs)

“I’m sorry.”

It’s almost like Twitter should have a block function or something.

And what exactly was that supposed to prove? That people won’t say mean things to your face that they would say online? Yea, welcome to the Internet. Those guys reading the tweets wouldn’t write them either, so it proves nothing. All you’re doing is legitimizing people who don’t matter. Trust me, the trolls thoroughly enjoyed watching that.

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There is currently a bear who plays the Keytar in Boston who plasters a picture of my crying two year old son on our Facebook page and accuses me of sexually abusing him. Do you see me whining and making a video about it? No. Because I’m a grownup and I understand that the Internet is an ugly place, filled with ugly people, and if you spend any time caring what they say about you then they win. Welcome to life as a public figure. Don’t like it? Get an office job and go back to being irrelevant.

But for someone who’s allegedly so sensitive, Julie Dicaro had some pretty horrible things to say about Kirk in light of his mental health issues.

What a soulless, vapid twat. Imagine seeing someone brave enough to talk about their thoughts of suicide openly and your response is to turn it around and make it all about how you’re the victim? What a narcissist.

Kirk Minihane didn’t “insert himself into her life.” He talked about her self-serving cringe video, because it was in fact stupid and pathetic for a grown woman to go on ESPN and cry about mean tweets from trolls. This is the clip she claims was abusive:


He called her “humorless, total a**hole,” which is entirely accurate. She is the definition of humorless. She has zero personality. She’s not where she is today because she’s talented, she’s where she is today because she has the right political opinions. She’s a feminist who constantly whines about how women don’t have opportunities, while ironically overlooking the fact that if she had the same talent and a penis she would not have her job.

If I were as low as she was I might point out that she looks like a ginger Chelsea Clinton with a bee sting allergy.

Luckily for her I’m above that.

And for the record, this is entirely made up:

She interviewed no one. Not a single person who listens to Kirk’s podcast thinks he harasses women. If anything Kirk is baby soft on the people he has on his show. He doesn’t waste his time harassing anyone, as a cursory review of his Twitter timeline will show you. This is nothing more than a miserable woman shitting on a guy who was man enough to speak publicly about his mental health.

According to her Kirk “harassed her for laughs” when she was under care for depression.

To be clear, a blind man who nods and agrees with everything Kirk says out of fear of losing his job did a prank phone call into her show as part of a series of 50 state prank phone call series that Kirk has been using to fill three and a half hours of podcast air time every day. Kirk laughed at her because she is a walking caricature. They were right to laugh at her because she is a clown and her actions are so over the top that you can’t help but laugh at them. If she was  suffering from depression then she should’ve taken time off like Kirk just did. It doesn’t give her a shield from jokes and criticism.

Don’t worry though, this guy’s got your back:

Take it easy dude! Save some poontang for the rest of us!

This exchange was pretty telling, because someone asked her a completely legitimate question (if she had such a problem with Kirk why didn’t she say something about him before he announced he was sick?), and she responded exactly as you knew she would:

She made it about her and refused to answer the question. But in doing so she also revealed the answer – she didn’t criticize him three weeks ago because he would’ve fought back. She’s taking low shots now because he’s sick. That of course makes her the lowest of the low.

I hope Kirk gets the help that he needs, and I hope he doesn’t rush back until he finds a way to manage his issues. In this line of work you’re constantly having people come at you, and you’re constantly going at people. It can be extremely stressful, and if you don’t know how to manage that stress you’re going to lose your mind. I’ve been there before, I feel his pain, and I will always have Kirk Minihane’s back.


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