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Feminists Livid About Manchester Bar Job Posting Asking For Hot, Unvaccinated, Anti-Woke Bartenders Who Like Doing Drugs But Aren’t Addicts


SoHo Bistro and Lounge in Manchester posted an interesting job offer on their Facebook page over the weekend that got a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.

This bar sounds awesome. An anti-woke establishment that doesn’t care about vaccination status and wants to hire good looking chicks? Just shut up and take my money.

I assumed it was a joke, as no bar would be ridiculous enough to post that “liking drugs is OK but no addictions,” and “victimless crimes OK,” whatever that means. As if there are people out there who do heroin recreationally on the weekends. But apparently they were dead serious.

I did laugh out loud at so many underrated parts of this post that no one will focus on though:

“Upscale electronic expert DJs”


“Our purpose is hospitality.”

Well, yea. You’re a restaurant.

“Belief in…..courage, honor.”

Dude, it’s a bartender position in Manchester. You’re flashing your Gerber servers to drunks for trips, not storming Omaha beach.

I don’t even have a problem with the post though. It’s just saying out loud what we all know about bars like this – bartenders have to be hot, so no fat chicks. Every strip club in America basically has this exact same criteria, including the allowance of some drug use. But others disagreed.

Sorry Barb, I must’ve missed the part about white supremacists and racial discrimination, which I guess are just words you’ve been trained to blurt out on the Internet because you think they have some sort of meaning. But the mere fact that this post offends you makes me like it more, because you look like an all around dreadful person.

Other feminists concurred.

First of all, a building full of viral unvaccinated troglodytes sounds like my kind of party. Way more fun than self proclaimed “middle aged women who values health and feminism.” I’d prefer not to go to a bar full of this:

Hard pass, thanks.


Brianna Jobin in particular was upset because the ad wasn’t inclusive.

Well, yea. That’s the whole point. They’re trying to make it a fun place where people wanna go, so the last thing they wanna do is hire bartenders who looks like this:

After the negative blowback they edited out all the fun stuff about drugs and no fat chicks, and replaced it with “confident, well spoken, and well groomed.” Luckily they kept the part about courage and honor.

But I guess the boomer who runs the page didn’t realize that the edit history is still available for anyone to see.

They also must’ve forgotten that they made a similar post a few weeks ago that they didn’t edit or take down, which the mob quickly found.


“victimless crimes don’t count.”

SoHo Bistro and Lounge is listed at 20 Old Granite St, Manchester. If that address rings a bell that’s because it used to be this place:

We wrote about Whiskey’s 20 back in 2020 when their owner Thomas Svoleantopoulos, AKA Feta Cheese Freddie, stiffed the girl who cleaned his toilets and blamed it on COVID.

I don’t know if he owns this place, but Feta Cheese Freddie had a certain type he liked to hire at Whiskey’s who seem to fit the job criteria that Bistro is asking for, and the Facebook postings from Bistro reek of the Boomerism and lack of self awareness that Tommy routinely displayed on social media.

After I published that blog I was contacted by an Attorney named Robert Fojo, who threatened to sue me. I attempted to reach out to Fojo and he responded by filing for a restraining order against me that ultimately failed. Fojo’s bad legal advice contributed to the reasons Whiskey’s 20 was ultimately forced to shut down, and earlier this year he had to surrender his law license for stealing money from clients and pursuing frivolous COVID mandate lawsuits from desperate parents, which he knew he couldn’t win.


I have no idea if Feta Cheese Freddie and Bootleg Avenatti are behind this, but it certainly smells like it. Either way, I approve this time.


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