First Amendment Auditor With Open Warrant Quickly Realizes It Was A Mistake To Meet Up With Bristol For A Debate In Attleboro


If you missed Bristol Crew’s take down of self proclaimed First Amendment Auditor Will Turbitt at a Dunkins in Attleboro last night, you’re going to want to watch this.


Pro top – if you have outstanding warrants, don’t meet up with Bristol for a debate on a Friday night. It won’t go as you expected. The look on his face and his subsequent reaction as he realized that she not only knew about his open warrant, but had contacted the police ahead of time, was truly priceless.


If you’re not familiar with Turbitt, he is basically Anselmo’s lap dog. He’s a smaller fish, but he’s still a criminal who harasses the police and does so with an open warrant. People like this deserve to go to jail and take responsibility for their crimes.

In the video he rants about how he’s doing good for taking on the NSA and Hillary Clinton, and chided us for going after smaller fish. But the fact of the matter is that we took down the highest ranking members of the state police and all Will does is rant to nobody on his YouTube channel.

He came there to debate, but clearly he doesn’t understand that in a debate you have to let the other person talk. Ironically he often asked, “Can I just talk? I let you talk,” even though he took up 90% of the conversation. He also brought his mother with him, which made it all the more hilarious.

Some have suggested that we are “snitches” or “rats” because of this. Let me be very clear – those are titles I take wear with pride. If you’re an adult who thinks calling the police on another adult with an open warrant is something to be shameful over, then you’ve already failed at life and you don’t even realize it.

Others have suggested that because of this no one will ever talk and debate with her again. To that I say, you’re underestimating how stupid these people are. Will goes to the police stations on the regular knowing he has an open warrant. The next one will be just as dumb. There is nothing these people won’t do for attention, but if the fear of her gets them to correct their behavior then it’s problem solved IMO.

You won’t find content like this anywhere else on the Internet. This is why you come to Turtleboy Sports. This is why I’m proud to have Bristol on staff.


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