Fitchburg Man Complains That Police Have Nice Vehicles, Demeans People For Having Children Despite Recent Arrest For Child Rape 


This is Michael Arcucci, a Fitchburg resident originally from Italy.

He graduated from GED.

Which makes him the 4th most educated person in all of Fitchburg.

Yesterday he noticed that the Fitchburg Police have these fancy things called “vehicles,” which they apparently drive around in while fighting crime. As a fiscal watchdog this upset Michael greatly so he logged into Facebook to air his grievances on the Discussing Fitchburg Now Facebook group.

“Tell me you don’t see em drug dealers walking up and down MAIN STREET every fn day!!”

If that’s not probable cause to arrest a random person walking down on Main Street then I don’t know what is. Although if the cops just started arresting every crackhead looking simpleton for the crime of walking on Main Street in broad daylight they’d arrest half the population of Fitchburg. Just get rid of cop cars and make the homeless pull them around in rickshaws.

He did get some support from a couple people who have almost definitely never voted, and have no intention to, but still feel they are in a position to complain about how the city’s resources are allocated.

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Does this look like the face of a man who hasn’t looked through the entire city budget line by line and come up with a plan for what can be cut in order to improve the condition of the roads?

Matty Mind has never missed a City Council budget hearing. Ever.

All the city needs is a measly 40 G’s and every inch of road in Fitchburg could be paved. Sure, it costs close to $1 million to repave 1 mile of road in an urban area, but Matty Mind knows a couple gypsies from Uxbridge who will do it for $25K and access to your first born daughter.

Michael Arcucci moved to America from Milan and could’ve chosen to live anywhere in any state. He chose Fitchburg because apparently he doesn’t like living in places that he can’t bitch about living in.

He also claims not to live in Fitchburg.

But this face and the flat brimmed hat has Fitchburg written all over it.

All this guy does is complain about Fitchburg and compare it to neighboring towns.

Probably because there’s like 6 roads in Ashby and it’s not filled with people who look like this.

When you come from a country whose roads are so bad that it required a “Marshall Plan” worth of spending to try to do something to fill in all the potholes, maybe you shouldn’t share your opinions about streets in America. I think black and white people can all agree that this country would be a much better place if we just agreed to deport all the Italians.

He also judges people a lot on DFN, criticizing them for the crime of getting married and reproducing.

But if you’re going to shitpost on the Internet all day and cast judgement on others, you better make sure that your arrest for raping a child isn’t the first Google trophy that appears when people search for your name.

Sentinel & Enterprise: A city man charged last year with indecent assault and battery of a child and rape was sentenced Wednesday to 15 months in the Worcester County House of Correction on a lesser charge of assault and battery. Michael A. Arcucci, 32, of 72 Cleghorn St., was arraigned in District Court Nov. 4, 2016 on one count of statutory rape of a child, two counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 and exposing obscene material to a minor, according to court documents.

The alleged victim in the case told investigators last year that Arcucci raped her, touched her inappropriately and showed her pornographic images when she was between the age of 4 and 8, according to a police report. State prosecutors dismissed the statutory rape charge on Jan. 19 of this year. On Wednesday, Arcucci came to a plea agreement the commonwealth, which dismissed the charge of exposing obscene matter to a minor, according to court documents.

Also on Wednesday, Arcucci entered what’s known as an Alford Plea on the remaining two counts of assault and battery, according to court documents. This plea allows a defendant to plead guilty without admitting to the crime. Arcucci received two concurrent sentences of 15 months in the Worcester County House of Correction for each of the assault charges and given credit for time served, according to court documents. 

This guy’s a kiddie diddler?

Never saw that one coming.

He was arraigned in Fitchburg District Court on November 4, 2016, and commemorated the moment by posting a picture in the police lobby and saying that he had no idea what he was there for.

Disseminating pornography to a child between the ages of 4-8, and then raping her. That’s what you were there for. Maybe that’s common in Italy, but in the land of potholes and broken dreams known as Fitchburg, that sort of behavior is frowned upon.

On the day he was sentenced he at least took one last courthouse selfie.

He was out and posting on Facebook 6 months later like he wasn’t arrested for raping a child, but he has been eerily silent on the leniency of courts on dangerous predators in Massachusetts.

The Milan Meat Merchant said he needed to see his princess.

Oh good, he reproduced. Keeping this guy around a child sounds like a great idea. Almost as good of an idea as marrying him and conceiving his child.

Ashleigh Arcucci also posts in DFN sometimes, and while her future husband was getting ready to go to jail she asked what some community issues Fitchburg has besides drugs and homelessness.

Oh I know one – pedophilia.

Luckily his Mom had his back.

No wonder he has a problem with municipal spending on police. Like most criminals the Michael Arcucci would prefer living in a world where police don’t exist so that folks like him could carry on harming children without getting arrested for it. I’m not a fan of heroin dealers, but I’d take 10 of them over one kiddie diddler. Just sayin.


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