Fitchburg Woman Dumps Trash Alongside Road With Mail Showing Name In It, Claims She Hired Friends Who Did It


Here’s a little slice of life advice – if you dump a bag of trash along a rural road in Fitchburg….

Make sure you get rid of the mail with your name and address on it


Because you will most likely end up being discussed on the Discussing Fitchburg Now Facebook group, and the people who defend you will not be believed.

Side note – I think Amanda has ended up accidentally in more TB blogs than any person in history. Every single time I get tagged in one of these posts in a random town Facebook group there she is with the Karen avatar, calling out ratchet behavior. I’m not even kidding, I’ve seen her in Rockland, Abington, Brockton Hub, Worcester, Fitchburg – these places are very far apart. Yet her ratchet radar just sniffs these people out. It’s impressive.

Anyway, it’s just the absolute worst when you hire a good friend to get rid of your trash (as opposed to using the city services that come by weekly) and they end up dumping it where anyone can see it as a pile of Fitchburg broken dreams.

How do we know she dindu nuffin? Simple – she proclaimed as much on Facebook.

Summer goes by Winter on Facebook. Now if she calls herself Autumn on Instagram she can have the stripper name trifecta.

Who were the mystery friends she paid to dump her trash?

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The world will never know. I attempted to ask her myself by commenting on her Facebook page but was blocked within minutes, which is totally what an innocent person would do.

Apparently some of the townsfolk thought it was the job of random people on the Internet to clean up other people’s discarded trash.

“What does complaining about it do?”

Well, it gets them on TB at the very least. And I would argue that publicly shaming a ratchet like this is a far more effective way at deterring poor behavior than cleaning up for said ratchet without letting them know about it.

We’re talking about a woman named after multiple seasons who sells bottles of Hennessy online and whose only redeeming skill is the ability to use dog filter.

Something tells me she wasn’t planning on picking up that trash if she wasn’t called out for it publicly. Maybe she won’t now either. But the bottom line is she deserved to be dragged like this, and it should happen to people like her more often.


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