Fitchburg Woman Says She Is Victim Of Racism Because Elementary School Principal Wouldn’t Let Her Cut The Line At Dismissal, Calls For Assault And Vigilante Justice


This is Stacey Ford from Fitchburg.

And she is the latest victim of institutional racism. Yesterday she was picking up her child at South Street School when the allegedly racist “principle” disrespected her, during black history month nonetheless, by not allowing her to cut the line of other parents picking up their children. On top of that she asked her daughter’s teacher if they were learning about black history in school, and the teacher had the nerve to tell her that they were doing a little bit on that topic every day. Just a little bit!!!! Look at the horror:



This is what real oppression looks like. An elementary school “principle” orchestrating an orderly dismissal of school so as to avoid bottle necking. This is exactly the sort of thing Martin Luther King Jr. fought and died to avoid. MLK famously LOVED traffic, and knew that it was the only way to get equality. He had a dream that black elementary schools parents in Fitchburg would never have to be delayed for 90 seconds to get home. Instead Bull Connor has been reincarnated as a skinny white woman with a walkie talkie.

Might as well be a firehose and german shepherds.

Just for the record, the schools do teach “your” history, Stacey. Unfortunately much of that history involves slavery and oppression (much like you’re experiencing by waiting for the other cars to leave), which made it difficult for prominent black figures to make long lasting contributions to society. However, the teaching of slavery itself, and the 100 years of Jim Crow that followed, is in fact teaching black history.

Some parents pointed out that the principal has one line go at a time, and Coretta Scott Bling chose the wrong line.

Sure, this is a school in a very diverse school district, which means that there are almost definitely multiple black and brown parents in the line that went first, but nevertheless Stacey is the victim of racism.

“She finds what line we’re in, and she makes that line go last. Doesn’t matter where we are. Yesterday the last line went first, but because we were right here she made us stop.”

“Tell me this is not racism. Tell me this is not racist. They look for our van to make sure we’re the last line to go. This lady is sick.”

Some might call it bad luck that Stacey seems to pick the wrong line every day, or bad planning because she gets there too late. But Stacey’s theory that this “principle” ends every day by finding out what line she’s in and then makes sure that line goes last just to spite her, seems to be backed by a lot of evidence. For instance, Shaquitta Jones is tired of “these people” treating her “any type of way.”

According to Rosa Stretchmarks, this is yet another example of white privilege.

Sure, we don’t know the race of the parents in the other vehicles, but it simply must be white privilege. There’s no other plausible explanation.

When a City Councillor pointed out that Stacey’s story seemed anecdotal a white savior named Lynn thankfully came to the rescue to remind Sam Squalilia that if the OP said it “feels racist,” then it simply must be racist. If you don’t blindly believe the most baseless allegations of racism from irrational people who can’t figure out how lines work, it’s only because your white privilege won’t allow it.

Lynn gets it.

She’s an ally and you’re not.

Instead of having a conversation with the principal Lynn rightfully urged Stacy to be as confrontational as possible by recording every interaction they have before contacting an attorney.

Others urged her to handle it the Fitchburg way.

Sasha Duenas would’ve gotten out of the car and assaulted her so as to avoid a 90 second delay, which is exactly what I would expect a grown woman with blue hair to do.

And Stephany with a Y Springer would’ve simply “slapped the f*** outta that b****” in front of her children, so that they too could learn how to be a full blown guttermuppet when they grow up.

Others used this as an opportunity to sound off about the lack of black history being taught in schools.

Newsflash – kids learn about black people in history all year long. I didn’t need black history month to teach about black people because they came up in every single chapter. You wouldn’t know this because you’ve never spent a day teaching in your life, but off the top off my head from my 11 years of experience in education kids learn about:

  • Booker T. Washington
  • W.E.B Dubois
  • John Lewis
  • Diane Nash
  • James Farmer
  • Malcolm X
  • Stokely Carmichael
  • Marcus Garvey
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Frederick Douglas
  • Barrack Obama
  • Clarence Thomas
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • Dred Scott
  • A. Phillip Randolph
  • The Tuskegee Airmen
  • Plessy vs. Ferguson
  • Brown vs. Board of Education
  • The Little Rock 9
  • James Meredith

And like, hundreds of other people. But besides that it’s pretty much just white people.



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