Fitness Enthusiasts Blockade Meth Mile Intersection While Boston Police Stand By And Do Nothing 


It’s a well known fact that former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh allowed a significant portion of the South End to become a junkie haven where drugs were essentially legalized. This area, known as Meth Mile, had cages built in it during the pandemic so that the addicts would be in one contained area where they could spread disease and drugs amongst themselves. Apparently this upset some local storm fupas who decided to blockade the intersection of Malnea Cass Blvd and Mass Ave, as the police stood by and allowed a school bus full of kids and other civilians to be blockaded.

Good thing they only blocked traffic coming from one direction. Those were the bad people who deserved to be shut down. All the other drivers were good.

I can’t believe I’m living in a world where it’s generally accepted that it’s OK for any dumpsterslug with a megaphone to blockade traffic without facing any consequences, simply because they have a cause that they believe is so righteous that it justifies denying freedom to law abiding citizens on public roads. Why do the police allow this to happen? I’m not blaming individual officers, who are doing as they are told, but they literally stood there and allowed it to happen. If you see someone doing this they should go right to jail. End of story.

Why does the City of Boston, or any municipality, seem to think that blocking traffic is allowed under the First Amendment? It’s not. And any protester who does that deserves to get run over. Period. We need leaders with balls to protect citizens from mobs like this. Would they ever allow anti-abortion, anti-mask, or pro-2nd Amendment protesters to do this? Of course not. Because only some causes are so important that taking away liberty away from others is justified. The government will decide what those causes are.

Florida is the most functional and greatest state in our country because it’s run by the most BASED governor of all time – Ron “Heavy D” DeSantis. Last month he signed into law an anti-mob bill that makes blocking the road like this a crime, and forces anyone participating it to spend at least one night in jail. Of course Democrats are whining about it.

“You don’t want us on the streets. You don’t want us to kneel at games. You don’t want us to shut down the streets,” Sen. Shevrin Jones, D-West Park, told his Republican colleagues on the Senate floor last week. “Our response to injustice is to protest, but your response is to criminalize it when the recourse for us is to turn to the streets to make our voices heard in this unjust system.”

No, we just want you to protest like normal, law abiding citizens. And the NFL is a private company that can institute any rules they want. You can stand on the sidewalk with your cardboard signs and cliche slogans, and yell into the void. But if you did that nobody would pay attention to you because nobody cares about what you’re saying, and you don’t have the right to make people care. People are allowed to be indifferent and drive to the grocery store without a blubber blockade preventing them from doing so.

Make America Florida 2024.


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