Former 7News Employee Chris Parish Says That They Would “Make Fun Of” Turtleboy But Then Steal Their Stories 


This is Chris Parish.

He used to work as the social media manager for WHDH 7News before getting a job as a “content specialist” at Brown.

He’s also friendly with many of the blue checkmarks we blogged about yesterday who were all up in arms that the ACLU was defending our company in federal court with a frivolous lawsuit filed by Kathryn Narcisi.

Chris is a mainstream media hack who can’t stand the fact that we break more stories than 7News could ever dream of. We’ve seen that before, but what we haven’t seen is a public admission from a mainstream media outlet that they blatantly rip off our stories while simultaneously pretending like we’re not real news.

“When I worked at 7 News we made fun of them relentlessly, then we’d follow up on his headlines, sometimes it made my skin crawl.”

And there you have it folks. We all knew the media was stealing our work while pretending we also don’t exist, but Chris was just the first  to admit it publicly, so we thank him for that. They “made fun of Turtleboy relentlessly,” because they were mad that a blog named after a boy riding a turtle was infinitely more popular and impactful than the meaningless drivel they put out on the regular. It “made his skin crawl” because he wasted his time coloring inside the lines when he should’ve been thinking outside the lines. That’s why he knew who we were but we had no idea who he was until this blog.

To answer some of his questions though….

How is Turtleboy still a thing?


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We never give up. Ever. We’ve overcome obstacles that would’ve caused people like Chris Parish to take their ball and go home. We’ve lost over 40 Facebook pages, including one with 112,000 followers. We’ve had three Twitter accounts shut down and are now permanently blacklisted. We’re also blacklisted by Google AdSense, so we just started a new website from scratch, which you’re reading right now. I wrote a book that was a best seller in the censorship category on Amazon. We started a live show, made a store, and created an app. We’ve overcome more than people like Chris will in a lifetime, and unfortunately for him we’re not going anywhere.

How has it not been sued into oblivion at this point?

We have, and we’re undefeated in court because the best defense against libel is the truth. We’ve beaten several libel lawsuits and bogus harassment orders, thanks largely to the great work done by Margaret Melican. Our struggly was egregious enough to attract the help of the ACLU, who is now defending our First Amendment rights in federal court.

But more than anything we’re still here because we have the greatest fans on the planet and they’ve donated to our cause because they won’t allow us to be silenced.

“It’s a stain on this entire region.”

The stain on this region and every region is the mainstream media. Turtleboy is a ray of light.

Then again, Chris reguarly eats up whatever the media is feeding him. For example, he fell of this scam in October.

Last year Aaron “Apple Daddy” Gouveia once again used his child as a prop for sympathy by making him put nail polish on his hands because he’s obsessed with drawing attention to himself. But Apple Daddy routinely pulls stunts like this, like the time he feigned outrage and made a fool of himself when he saw this sign while apple picking in Northboro.


Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 6.53.01 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 8.53.15 PM

Anyone who falls for Apple Daddy’s scams is an ideal candidate to work for a mainstream media outlet. It’s simply unforgivable for a grown man not to realize that Apple Daddy is a con-artist who uses his kids as props and pretends to be outraged about everything so that people will read his  Daddy blog. That’s the kind of guy Chris Parish is, and the kind of media he wants.

Sorry Chris, but we’re here to stay. Better get used to it.


Yea, you have….so much to be proud of. Like that time you admitted that the station you worked for got their news from us. Or that time you shared a link using the WHDH Twitter account. You sir, are an invaluable cog in the news cycle, and I for one than you for your service.

Also, I just Googled your name and that picture came up. “Hours.” Also, the kid wasn’t being bullied at school. His Dad is a con-artist who uses his kids as props and pretends they’re victimized. That’s why I mocked you – because you fell for it as the mainstream media often does with stories like this. Sad.


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