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Former Bills Player Gets Meeting With Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone After Filming Himself Refusing To Comply With Police Order


A video of former Buffalo Bills special teamer Abner Logan was posted on Facebook yesterday, alleging police brutality in Somerville. Watch.

Notice that the video doesn’t show anything that led up to the moment he began filming. All we know is that he was riding around with his dog on his lap, which is against the law, and he refused to comply with police orders to get out of his car so an officer began striking his window.

According to he played in exactly zero games for the Bills. When you’re not good enough to play for the Buffalo Bills you’ve officially hit rock bottom.

Since he’s not good enough to play football for a living he decided to go into the field of using “all natural” methods to become a man who gets judged for how he looks in his underpants.

On Facebook Abner almost exclusively posts links to videos about alleged police brutality and their bias towards black people.

He attended grad school at SUNY Albany and posted his grades online, showing that he took classes such as African American History, Topics of African History, and Socio Meth African and African American Studies.

In other words, this is a man whose mind is consumed with racism. It’s all he ever seems to talk about. He seems to believe that cops are racist, and that because he is black he will inevitably become a victim as well.

Except he was never the victim of police brutality, so he had to settle for this. He likely was driving around with a dog on his lap when a cop told him that this was against the law. Instead of just admitting that he had erred he instead argued with them and escalated the incident to a point where he was asked to step out of the car. He started filming at this point because he knew that filming what led up to it would make him look bad.

He also knew that Somerville’s Mayor is Joe Curtatone, a race baiting, virtue signaling social justice warrior who would throw his police department under the bus in a second in order to make himself look good. And in the least surprising turn of events ever Abner got a meeting with Curtatone.

Do the people of Somerville just not care that this is what their tax money goes towards? The man is using city resources to sue Barstool Sports because he wasn’t smart enough to realize that he wasn’t speaking with Kevin Cullen, and now he’s wasting valuable time meeting with a man who clearly has an agenda against the police. A man who was illegally riding around with a dog on his lap, and escalated an incident with the police. This man gets a sit down with the mayor, because Curtatone hates the police and considers him a victim as well.

A lot of people won’t call out hustlers like this, but we will. The SPD deserves better than a mayor who is willing to throw them under the bus like this.


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