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Former Braintree Woman Leading Charge To Change “Offensive” BHS Mascot Calls Entire Town Racist Despite Plethora Of Racist Tweets From Her


There is en epidemic right now of white people who attempt to elevate themselves from other white people by denouncing themselves for being racist and demanding others do the same. These people label entire communities as racist but are often doing so to cover for their own racism. No one epitomizes this more than Beth Cormack, a Braintree native who moved to Washington five years ago.

Despite living the glamorous life in DC Beth is still actively involved in townie politics and has been one of the people leading the charge to force Braintree High School to change its mascot from the Wamps because it’s racist towards Native Americans. Last month she published a blog which will one day be put in museums when we teach children about what “white guilt” looks like in action. It’s a manifesto about how her goal in high school was to be the “kind of popular girl,” how she got there, and when she realized she was participating in racism because never hung out with a black person until 2015 when she moved to DC. But now that she started reading Vox she’s an expert in race relations and is here to lecture all the racist people from her hometown about how racist they are.

Here’s some highlights.

Braintree has a racism problem. It’s highlighted in the @bipocatbraintree Instagram if you want to read some of the experiences of these marginalized communities if our mascot isn’t enough for you.

The link for the @BipocBraintree Braintree account is essentially just a burn book where anonymous people can submit made up stories that are obviously not true and the account will publish them as fact. Worcester and other places have these too, and I tested it out by submitting obviously fake stories about racism which ended up getting published. No rational adult would ever take something like that seriously. Some people called her out for promoting this account and she was “terrified.”

Let’s back up to why I’m terrified about writing and publishing this.

So she published an example of what terrified her.

“Beth, be serious — what percent of those things do you think are real? [in reference to the @bipocatbraintree account] The teacher calling a student the N word? Like come on Beth. You’re smarter than that. You think a teacher called a student the N word and nothing happened? It would be NATIONAL news. I’m sure some stuff on there is true. Kids say and do very dumb things when they’re 16.”

Of course whoever wrote that was right, but in her mind she can prove that she’s one of the “good ones” by blindly believing every story that’s told to her.

The first time someone came for me was over an Instagram post where I called out Braintree for racial disparities in the education system. I was fed some false stats about METCO students, which I should have fact checked — but it doesn’t change the very jarring truths of the racial injustices that bled through our high school. I watched his comment calling me out for false statistics garner likes from other popular (white) kids followed by the statement, Braintree is far from racist — it was then I knew we were both fed false information at some point.

Here’s what really happened. Beth made up a story claiming that METCO students (Boston kids that were bused into town) were all placed in the “alternative school.” Except the school confirmed that never happened and they obviously wouldn’t waste resources busing kids in who were problematic. She just wanted to find a way to call her old hometown racist because it makes her feel enlightened. Nothing is more woke than trying to impress your new woke friends by bragging about how you’ve evolved and grown from the cavemen who still inhabit your hometown.

She checked her privilege though.

After I read this, I realized that through all my advocacy/listening/learning during this time, I was still being complicit. It’s a damn privilege to be able to speak out and have other white people listen to you — regardless if it’s a positive or negative reaction. It’s a privilege to take false statistics about METCO students as fact because they were never in your AP or honors classes — or integrated into any of your classes for that matter.

She has “white privilege” because she’s allowed to make up lies about METCO.

This was the line of the century.

It’s a privilege to be scared of what the popular kids will think instead of being scared for your life based on the color of your skin.

She’s privileged because she’s scared about what the popular kids from high school think about her instead of being scared for her life. You can’t make this stuff up.

I was and am a part of the problem — and if you are reading this as a non-BIPOC person, you are too.

All white people are not part of the problem, but you certainly are. Then she listed what “non-BIPOC” people like her can do to fix racism.

We can’t erase the past. We can’t change what we did, what we said or how we dressed during Spirit Week when we were 16 but here is what we can do:

  • Listen and believe our BIPOC community
  • Approach the education curriculums with more of a holistic approach towards racism. Believe that Black history is American history.
  • Ask ourselves why programs like METCO still exists, and why we aren’t seeing more BIPOC in higher level classes
  • Stop calling yourself a Wamp (or any label that denotes you are a different race than you are) if you are not actually Chief Wompatuck himself — or a member of his tribe for that matter
  • Be open and receptive to difficult conversations about your role in racism and white supremacy

You have to love when these people try so hard to prove that they’re not racist and then accidentally say the wrong thing and show how racist they really are. She’s advocating that the METCO program end. METCO is a program for kids from predominantly black neighborhoods like Roxbury to get exposed to a culture and way of life that they would never be exposed to if they went to their neighborhood school. It also exposes kids from Braintree to kids from Boston who they normally wouldn’t be exposed to. She wants to end this because learning about other cultures and races is racist now.

Then she listed the things you can’t do.

Here’s what we shouldn’t do:

  • State that we have other “more important” problems to worry about — moreso, say we have “more important” problems to worry about without actually doing anything to help solve other said problems
  • Claim, as a non-BIPOC person, that BIPOC experiences are actually “made up” – major yikes!!!
  • Become a pseudo keyboard warrior cyber bully with little to no merit to our arguments
  • Claim ownership or make generalizations over a community we don’t actually represent
  • Be complicit with our current racial climate

You must never suggest that a BIPOC person made up an allegation of racism. Who would ever make up a story about being the victim of racism?

Believe all black “BIPOC” people. That’s how you get rid of your racism – willfully become a sucker.

Finally she ended with this.

To my non-BIPOC peers, thanks for listening. I hope it made you feel something — sad, angry, disappointed, motivated. Something. And before you @ me, please read White Fragility. I would be happy to send you my copy. There is much more to the world than the confines of your comfort zone.

I love it when they tell you, “read this book written by a white millionaire who only hangs out with other white people and got insanely rich by lecturing other white people about how they’re automatically racist, and if they deny it they’re practicing white fragility.” They all feel so much better about themselves after reading that book.

Being lectured about “white fragility” by people who think a mascot should be changed because it hurts the feelings of “BIPOC” people is all the irony I can handle this morning.

It gets funnier though. Ten years ago while she was a senior at Braintree High she wrote a letter to the editor called “Once a Wamp, always a Wamp,” in defense of the mascot. Gatehouse Media allowed her to edit it with an update though.

Ten years later, I reflect on my experience growing up in a town that is a byproduct of systemic racism, something I was very ignorant to at the age of 16 — and having a Wamp as a mascot is cultural appropriation, something that me and many of my classmates did not understand at the time. I have vivid memories of people wearing headdresses and painting their face during Spirit Week — while they didn’t mean any harm, this behavior is harmful. Ignorance is not an excuse, nor should it be for future ‘Wamps’ attending BHS. I am very much in support of Braintree changing their mascot and implementing ways to combat the systemic racism problem that has plagued Braintree and many surrounding towns. Changing the mascot is a good place to start. I was very unaware of my implicit racial bias growing up in a primarily white town. I knew that racism existed, but I refused to acknowledge that I was an active participant in it. I can’t change my words from back then, but I can acknowledge that my beliefs 10 years later have changed as I’ve grown up and developed a better understanding of the toxicity and ignorance of my words in this article. We need to do better.”

She is a walking cliche of a naive white high school girl who goes to a liberal fantasy land (DC), gets brainwashed with propaganda, feels smarter and more enlightened because of it, and then lectures other people about how to be as woke as she is. In order to do that they must call everyone else in their town racist first, and then prove she’s not racist by calling them racist when they deny being racist.

Of course she ended up winning the day and the school has decided to change the mascot but not the name, which upsets her.

Again, she doesn’t live in Braintree and this does not affect her life at all.

But here’s the thing about Becky the Brave – she’s arguably the most racist person who has ever come out of Braintree. Normally I’m not an old tweets guy, but I make an exception when it’s done to expose woke hypocrisy because I refuse to be lectured about racism by a racist. Keep in mind, this woman graduated in 2011, and just last week said that teenagers shouldn’t be able to get away with racist things they said and did while in high school.

Everything Beth tweeted that was racist came after high school when she was a fully formed adult. She thought it was funny to mock black people for using terms like “tryna get right.”

Said the only black person she’ll ever like is Usher.

Used the n word while she was in high school…..

And after graduating….

She also doesn’t like Indian-Americans because of their accents.

She frequently demeans gay people by using homophobic words to put people down.


As racist and bigoted as she is to those groups of people, she saves her true hatred for Asian people, especially when they date black guys.

Or when they annoy her in class with their obsession over learning.

Keep in mind, Asians make up 15% of the population of Braintree.

They make more money per capita than white people and don’t whine about how systemic racism is oppressing them, so it’s OK for white people to mock them.

A guy from Braintree who she has accused of being racist posted these old tweets on Facebook to call her out and she showed up in the comments to embarrass herself some more.

No, the blog wasn’t “to yourself.” Your blog was self serving nonsense about how you’re not racist because you admitted to being a bigot, but other people are racist for not believing Jussie Smollett. The comments were from 6-7 years ago when you were in your 20’s, so you don’t get to play the “I’m not a racist anymore” card.

Newsflash – it wasn’t OK to be racist in 2013 either. You won’t find any old tweets of mine like this because I knew it wasn’t OK back then, and I’m also not a racist. I “looked inward” and found a person treating black people as equals. I do that by being just as skeptical of their unconfirmed anecdotes as I do with white women who claim they were nearly kidnapped by the Church of God at Walmart. When you looked inward you saw a racist because you are one. You don’t get to alleviate your white guilt on me by calling the town of Braintree racist. It’s just you Beth.

She erased this racist and untrue IG post that she made last month after being called out on it too.

Black kids were never put in the basement at Braintree High School. METCO kids were never put in alternative classrooms. White people mostly live in the lower income areas of “Skyline drive and Braintree Village,” but since she’s never been to that part of town she assumes it’s all black people because they sell drugs there. And she wants people to “read up on systemic racism and racial bias” so they can be as smart as her.

Sorry Beth Cormack, but I’m not interested in being lectured by a racist woman on how to be a non-racist man.


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