Canton Cover-Up Part 7: Former Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz Pressured Reporter To Take Down Tweet Mentioning Brian Albert’s Name On Day Karen Read Was Arrested

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This is former Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz.


He was mentioned in our first reporting about the coverup of the murder of BPD Officer John O’Keefe because he randomly decided to drive by Brian Albert’s house on February 4, a week after O’Keefe died, and noticed pieces of a broken tail light while he was in a moving vehicle.

Berkowitz had been called by ATF Agent Brian Higgins, who was in the house when O’Keefe was murdered, immediately after the killing.

Berkowitz resigned from his position in June 2022.

A former mainstream media reporter who shall remain anonymous, reached out to us today to inform us that in the aftermath of O’Keefe’s murder Berkowitz reached out to him and asked him to cover for Brian Albert.

“When this happened, I wasn’t working in news any longer and just tweeting news stories on my own. I tweeted about O’Keefe’s death – essentially saying, this is the house where he was found dead, online property records show it’s located at (whatever the address is) and owned by Brian Albert, a veteran Boston cop who appeared in (name of stupid cop show he was on). I got the above DM from Berkowitz.”

Berkowitz, knowing this man’s status as a former reporter, allegedly requested that he censor his reporting so as to protect Brian Albert:

“I called him a half hour later. He asked me to take the tweet down, he said Brian Albert is a friend, a pillar of the community and he didn’t deserve to have his name smeared. I didn’t want to deal with his bullshit, so I said ok, hung up and deleted the tweet.”

Here’s a screenshot showing that be called Berkowitz at that number on February 1.

Hours after that Karen Read was arrested for killing John O’Keefe. At 9:52 PM Berkowitz tweeted out a statement from the Boston Police Department regarding her arrest.

One of Berkowitz’ officers is Kevin Albert, the brother of Brian Albert.

Ken Berkowitz used his position of authority as Police Chief of Canton to pressure a member of the media to take down information that was not being discussed anywhere else – that John O’Keefe was found dead on the property of BPD Sergeant Brian Albert. Why would he do that? The only possible reason is that he didn’t want anyone to think that Albert had anything to do with it, including O’Keefe’s family. He wanted to make sure that Karen Read and Karen Read alone was the ONLY suspect being mentioned in the media. Protecting Brian Albert was his main priority because Albert was the brother of one of his officers, and a “pillar of the community” who “didn’t deserve to have his name smeared.” Karen Read was nobody, and her life could be destroyed.

The only problem was that not enough of Karen Read’s tail light was found at the scene to make it believable that she killed him with her car. So he miraculously showed up a week later to further protect this “pillar of the community,” by “finding” what three other groups of trained officers couldn’t find. The tail light is the primary piece of evidence currently being used to prosecute Karen Read.


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