Former Chicopee Student Attacking Mayoral Candidate Over Intercom Incident Has Been Bragging About Sexual Bathroom Conquests On Twitter


Yesterday Masslive published a story about a former Chicopee Comp student named Timothy Vadnais, who produced a viral YouTube video accusing his former principal and current mayoral candidate Joe Morisette of turning on the intercom while disciplining him over a sexual encounter he had with a male hockey played in the locker room five years ago. He readily admits that he had told many people about it beforehand, including a teacher, and claimed that his motivations were not political in nature.

He’s been pushing the narrative that he’s traumatized and believes that Morissette should be disqualified from becoming mayor because of this. The fact that it’s happening weeks before the election is simply a coincidence. He took down his Twitter account, but screenshots recently sent to us indicate that he’s far from the victim he’s portraying himself to be.

I guess he likes bathrooms. He clearly is not shy about his actions though, and doesn’t mind bragging to the world about sexual encounters. It’s hard to believe that he was anything other than proud of his brief incident in the principal’s office five years ago. He also pinned the tweet to the top of his page because he wanted it to be the first thing people saw, and it’s gotten thousands of likes, retweets, and comments.

He also brags about overmedicating.

Regularly uses homophobic language.

And readily admits that he craves attention.

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“I’m literally dying from the lack of attention.”

But yet he’s traumatized from an intercom incident five years ago.

He also told a woman who appears to be the daughter of a man whose father is running for office that if he didn’t win then “I’m exposing all these hoes 1 by 1.”

This totally isn’t a political hit job though.

He also finds it amusing that his parents had to find out on Masslive about that one time he felated the hockey goalie during first period.

So stunning. So brave.

In conclusion, Timothy Vadnais isn’t really traumatized by the incident in high school, he’s just angry that he was disciplined and is using this as an opportunity to exact revenge on a man who is well liked in the school and the community at large. He is addicted to attention, and he knew that Masslive wouldn’t investigate his past, which is why he did an interview with them. He wasn’t counting on TB Daily News though, and now everyone knows the story behind the story.


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